Review of @CarrieUnderwood’s #SomethingInTheWater (Listen to the Song Here!)

Carrie Underwood announced Friday morning on NBC’s Today show that she would be releasing Greatest Hits: Decade #1, along with some new material incorporated into the project. The first single to hail from the album is “Something in the Water,” (written by Underwood, Chris DeStefano, and Brett James) scheduled for release tomorrow, Monday September 29th. However, the track has fallen into hands of fans already, and the reception is nothing less than stellar from those who couldn’t resist sneaking a listen prior to the official date of its premiere.

“Something in the Water” is about finding faith when it feels like you have nothing left. It’s a song of belief, hope, strength, and the ability to let go of what’s been holding you down, rising above it all, and opening yourself up to change. A song that seems to relate to a baptism, Underwood sings about following the preacher man into the water and coming out stronger. With the willingness to accept life as it is and the readiness to set free from the ties that bind, Underwood croons “now I’m singing along to ‘Amazing Grace,’ can’t nobody wipe this smile off my face, got joy in my heart, angels on my side, thank God Almighty, I saw the light.”

It goes without saying, Underwood’s vocals are in a league of their own, delivering a song that few others could. With lyrics that will make you want to reevaluate your attitude toward life, “Something in the Water” eludes a message of freedom and inspiration. When coupled with Underwood’s ability to hit notes that reach heights of unexplainable measures, emote in every word, and leave listeners breathless while maintaining incomparable control over her own breathing, the track is every bit as sensational as country fans could expect from this artist who can make no wrong moves in her musical career.

Listen to Carrie Underwood’s “Something in the Water” here and leave us a comment to let us know what you think!

Carrie Underwood

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  1. The lyrics alone sets this song aside from most other songs on the radio today with hope, inspiration and joy. Add Carrie’s amazing vocals with so much emotion and conviction and it absolutely makes you think, cry and will bring you to your knees. Kudos to Ms. Underwood for another amazing song.

  2. I think this idea that bro country is so bad has been so overused and has become "popular" to use the term. Bro country is on the radio because that is what a good chunk of the country population wants to hear period.

  3. Carrie's new song is incredible. She has raised the bar on this one. This song just makes you feel better.

  4. this song really let me down. I do not think it is single quality which really bums me out cause i love carrie underwoods music. ……came across very boring……..

    • that is your opinion i happen to love it

  5. Absolutely love this new song from Carrie!!!! Just when you think she can't get any better…she does!!! Great job!!!!

  6. Great review for an amazing song. Spot on when you say it makes you want to reevaluate your attitude towards life. First listen made me smile. Second listen really did make me think. I've listened to this song over and over again and have not grown tired of it. The way she sings this song is great…you feel yourself getting pumped up and then she sings 'I am CHANGED' and you relax. Then she gets you going again. Stunning job….I hope people listen to the words and I really find it's the beat that pulls you in and keeps you there with a great big smile on your face. Would like this song to go on and on and cannot wait until she sings it live. I can just imagine myself standing up and crying as she performs. I LOVE this song!


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