Carrie Underwood Reveals Her Toughest Critic…

Mama to be, Carrie Underwood, shared the news that her puppy, affectionately known as Penny Jean, is her toughest critic. But what she also shared was the news that little miss Penny Jean was listening to rehearsals. Typically rehearsals happen with a song or performance is involved. And we now know that Carrie is sharing some big news this Friday the 26th on The TODAY Show, which many have speculated is a new single.

In fact…rumors are going crazzzzzy right now that the new song has something to do with water and will be released to radio on 9/29. None of which has been confirmed.

But what has been confirmed and that is Penny Jean has heard whatever it is Carrie is rehearsing and I’m dying to know what she thought of it.

Until next time, this lid is closed – CM Chatterbox


Author: Country Cadre

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