Concert Review and #CMchat Exclusive Interview with Carter Winter

“It’s some kind of fire that I can’t explain and it starts to burn thinking that you could know my name.”

Those are the words Carter Winter wrote out for me when I met him at the Country Night Lights Festival in Athens, Ohio. They come from his song “Some Kind Of Fire” which is also the name of his current six song EP that was released earlier this year. As a fan of country music who really didn’t know much about this talented Ohio artist before the festival, I can confidently say he has a new fan in me.

Winter’s set began with the home state anthem “Ohio,” which immediately had the crowd singing back the lyrics. He then proceeded to show off his deep voice and a slight rock flair with his original song “Bad Boy.” What interested me the most though was the ballad, “Whiskey and Wine.” I knew I needed to hear it live after running into Winter backstage before his set and hearing that Canadian Ray Gibson was featured on the track. Working the stage a little more will come with time, but Winter got the crowd dancing while performing hits by Chris Janson, Dustin Lynch and Garth Brooks as his feature cover songs.

I was privileged enough to meet him a second time backstage later in the night and I have to say he is one of the most easy-going, humble artists I’ve ever talked to. Being a new fan to his music, I was curious about a few things and now I want to share his responses with you.

Carter Live

Where did you begin your career in country music?

“My great-grandfather was a huge influence on me as a young child so I’ve kind of been around music my whole life.”

Which came first: the move to Nashville or the fan base?

“I’m originally from Ohio and played locally for a while. The hometown support was amazing. It really motivated us and from there we eventually made the move to Nashville.”

Any pre-show rituals?

“Yeah, I’ll usually have a beer or a shot and then the whole band will say a prayer before we go out there.”

You’ve got some pretty intricate tattoo work to display. Which one did you get first? Which one is the most meaningful to you?

“My first one was just my own design. I was drawing and came up with something cool so my brother and I each got this small design on our ribs as a symbol for family. The most meaningful I’d have to say is the old-fashion microphone with the ribbon running through it. It’s got ‘If Tomorrow Never Comes,’ that Garth Brooks song, written across it.”

Any future EPs or a full album you can tell us about?

“Well the Some Kind of Fire EP has been out since March and it’s doing well. We’re working on a full album so that should be done at some point in the future (laughs).”

Once again I want to thank Carter Winter for taking time to chat with me at the Country Night Lights Festival. Keep an eye and an ear out for this talented new country artist and let me know what you think on Twitter.

Carter and Kristen

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Author: Kristen Diotte

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