EP Review: Carter Winter – The Whiskey In Me

It’s going to be a busy summer for new releases in country music. There have already been many singles released, many albums planned, and fans are eager to get their hands on new music from their favorite artists. Breakout artist Carter Winter is also joining this party as he releases a new single and a new EP this month.

As a new artist, Winter is rapidly becoming a name to know, opening for artists such as Chase Rice, Travis Tritt, and Sam Hunt.  My own experience with seeing Winter perform and meeting him for the first time actually occurred at the Country Night Lights Festival in September of 2015 where Hunt had headlining duties. Although the tattoos may throw some people for a loop, Winter’s influences are deeply rooted in the likes of Garth Brooks and George Strait, while his vocals often remind many of the deep-voiced Josh Turner.

Winter’s new EP, The Whiskey In Me created with the insight and influence of well-known and successful producers Mark Bright and Chad Carlson, is set to release on June 28. The EP features five new songs that showcase his rich vocals and edgy style. Blending the traditional aspects of country music with more modern pop and rock beats, Winter is paving his own way in the ever changing genre. Keep an eye out later this summer as a full length album has also been planned.

His debut single from the new EP, “Lipstick On My Bottle,” presents itself as a good tune to hear on the radio or at the bar, as the beat and lighthearted lyrics make it a good sing along and an easy to dance to number. The rest of the songs included on the EP include the upbeat opening track, “Stick Em Up,” a  slower, romantic song called “She Don’t Wanna Be,” a potential crowd-pleaser at live shows coincidentally titled “Hit Song,” and the title track which possesses a reckless outlaw vibe.

You can catch Carter Winter on tour throughout the summer as he plays venues from California to Texas to West Virginia, while graciously making multiple stops in his native Ohio. Visit his website to see if he’ll be playing a show near you!

Also check him out on Facebook and Twitter where his fan base continues its substantial growth. You can pick up “Lipstick On My Bottle” now at iTunes.

Cater Winter Lipstick on my Bottle

Author: Kristen Diotte

I've been known to spend hours in historically preserved buildings. I travel internationally to support musicians I believe have changed my life. I hope to one day work for a company that is both historical and musical.

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