[email protected] Releases New Single “Fall Apart” Co-Written by @WeAreKingston (Listen!)

In 2012, Casey James scored a Top 20 hit with “Crying on a Suitcase,” and ever since, fans have been anxiously awaiting the follow up to his debut album. There’s just something about the country crooner with his golden locks and raspy voice that makes fans swoon, and his new single “Fall Apart” proves that sometimes, the best things in life are worth waiting for.

The song, written by Will Bowen and Josh and Zach Carter of country duo Kingston, is a haunting, guitar-driven country rock ballad, lamenting over love lost. Our tortured protagonist is quick to let us know he’s doing alright without the girl who wrecked his heart. The song opens with James crooning over a simple guitar melody, “I can finally sleep through the night, roll over to your side, smell your perfume and not feel a thing…

However, it quickly becomes apparent that he’s not over her, but is instead haunted by their constant run-ins. While it’s easy to move on from the photographs and memories, it’s not so easy to move apart when he comes fact to face with the ghost of his past love. In those moments, James can’t help but fall apart, “Since you broke my heart, every time I run into you, I fall apart.

In fact, to escape his former love, he even briefly considers becoming a hermit, “I should just stay inside, lock the door, kill the lights, turn off the phone, just stare at the wall...” While it would probably make more sense for James to head out of town or stop frequenting the same locations as his ex, it’s hard to argue with a broken heart.

The song is a perfectly constructed mid-tempo country rock ballad of regret that climaxes over an incredible guitar solo. At times near the end of the song, James’ voice shines like a rock star, his tone actually sounding eerily similar to American Idol‘s seventh winner, David Cook. However, at other times, he’s more like Dierks Bentley with a slow and steady gravel that perfectly conveys the emotions in the song.

While the general population may have lost sight of Casey James since “Crying on a Suitcase,” “Fall Apart” is the perfect way for the mega-talent to reintroduce himself to country radio. The track is passionate, relatable and shows James’ off as one of the best male vocalists in country music today.

Now that “Fall Apart” has reminded me of how much I enjoy Casey James, I’m anxiously awaiting more new music. And if it happens to take two more years…well, excuse me because I’ll just be over here falling apart while crying on a suitcase.

 Listen to Casey James’ “Fall Apart” here!


casey james fall apart

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  1. Hi Michelle, not yet! I am trying to get them and will add them when I find out!

  2. Hi Michelle, it was written by Will Bowen, John and Zach Carter (also known as the band Kingston)

  3. This song will do well on country radio. One thing that will distinguish Casey from all the sound-a-likes, is his unique voice. I KNOW who's singing when I hear Casey. Can't say that about many others.

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