[email protected] Debuts New Song “Like There’s No Tomorrow” (Watch!)

At a recent Atlantic City, New Jersey show, headlining performer Cassadee Pope surprised fans with the premiere of a new song. Entitled “Like There’s No Tomorrow,” the upbeat offering has not been confirmed (nor denied) as a track on an upcoming sophomore solo project. However, after watching the video below, we can certainly hope that Cassadee will include it on her next release.

“Like There’s No Tomorrow” tells the story of people who anticipate being together, but their time apart seems to tick on too slowly. So, while they are finally with one another, they intend to make every minute count and not take any moment for granted. The chorus celebrates the relationship with the lyrics “dancing in the parking lot under the moonlight, tell me we’re never gonna stop; wherever we go, whatever we’ll be, we’re gonna laugh, we’re gonna dream, oh like there’s no tomorrow.”

Verging on a pop-country sound, as opposed to Cassadee’s more common country-rock vibe, Cassadee further solidifies that her voice knows no boundaries and that she can find a home in any genre or sub-genre where she opts to kick off her always stylish shoes. Again, it’s a complete mystery if “Like There’s No Tomorrow” is a sneak peek of what is yet to come in this young and blossoming artist’s career or if it was just simply meant as a treat for this Atlantic City crowd, but receiving new material from Cassadee is always more than welcome.

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