[email protected] Performs NEW SONG “Feelin’ Good” w/ @EmilyShackelton & @KellyArcherback (Watch!)

Tonight at Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Cassadee Pope premiered a brand new song, freshly written this week with renowned songwriters Kelly Archer and Emily Shackelton. “Feelin’ Good” is the product of the trinity of talented women’s recent songwriting session; a session that was a dream come true for Cassadee.

The song is something Cassadee described as “fun and easy,” and was relayed as the release of pent up emotion from the beautiful vocalist who is sharing she is happy in life and in a really good place. A drop the top, roll the windows down, slow-tempo song, “Feelin’ Good” is a light-hearted escape from everyday woes and celebrates liberation from the ailments life may bring.

“Feelin’ Good” exudes the vibe of a girl who let go of something weighing her down, finally realizing the freedom from that very thing was what she needed to help her find true happiness. Exemplifying her uniquely powerful vocals and innately raw emotion, Cassadee sings of:

feelin’ good, yeah, I’m shinin’ like the sun with the wind in my hair now. Feelin’ good, got my “I can do anything game face” on now. I got one hand on the wheel and the other one ridin’ the breeze, I’m feelin’ good, just the way I should, just the way I should. I’m feelin’ good.

As Cassadee breathes in, breathes out, breathes out, breathes in throughout this masterful piece of art, fans will hold their breaths in anticipation of the notes that their favorite singer-songwriter will conquer as the song progresses. And rightfully so, as the gorgeous musician takes a relaxed, simple groove and turns it into the work of an artistic genius, as she hits notes that few others in her trade can.

Sitting in the audience, you could feel the enormous amount of respect and appreciation for Cassadee’s talent, as she belted the lyrics to the song she co-penned with the brilliant Kelly and Emily; but, what is perhaps the most memorable about the entire few minutes that she sat in that circle at the legendary Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, is the sense of abandonment Cassadee felt as she let the words of her newly written piece of art slip through her lips.

Call it a fresh sense of confidence, call it reckless abandonment, call it what you will, the tiny bundle of tremendous talent that is Cassadee Pope filled the room with insurmountable energy and joy in the few minutes that she performed, leaving onlookers in pure amazement as they witnessed an undeniable professional rip through the chords of her most recent project. As somebody who has seen Cassadee perform several times and who loves her dearly, it brought tears to my eyes to see such conscious dereliction in her performance, as she simply just emoted every word to each line of this unforgettable tune.

Watch Cassadee Pope perform “Feelin’ Good”

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