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Dale Earnhardt, Sr. is one of the most beloved NASCAR drivers in the history of the sport. Whether you watch races, understand the difference between the flags, or are brushed up on the rules of the “road,” one thing is for sure — you know the name Earnhardt, were stunned by his untimely death, and mourned the loss with racing fans.

Last night on Spike TV, a special aired honoring the beloved NASCAR champion, showing videos from races past, interviews, and testimonials by some of Earnhardt’s famous fans and friends. Included in those asked to speak about “The Intimidator” on this highly anticipated special were Cassadee Pope and Kix Brooks.

Cassadee grew up in a racing family and was schooled by her grandfather, Fred Casagni, about life on the track. Sharing her insights on Earnhardt, as well as intimate stories about her Papa, Cassadee represented country music and NASCAR fandom beautifully, bringing the perspective of a young girl who literally grew up witnessing Earnhardt’s rising success and fallen star.

Coming from a different angle, Kix was a friend of Earnhardt and had precious moments to relay to fans of the decorated driver. Kix’s relationship with his friend was priceless, indicative of the tales told by one-half of the famous duo (Brooks & Dunn) who bonded with Earnhardt prior to his death. Bringing humorous memories and powerful statements to the documentary, Kix spoke highly of his good friend … while also throwing him under the bus on occasion!

In case you missed I Am Dale, you can watch the full episode now on SpikeTV.com.

Click here to watch Cassadee Pope & Kix Brooks honor Dale Earnhardt

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