[email protected] Surprises Fans with Never Heard Before Song #LetMeGo (Watch!)

If you peruse social media, there have been many inquiries as to when country music enthusiasts can hear new music by one of the industry’s sweethearts, Cassadee Pope. The answer is: right now.

Following a fan-voted NBC’s The Voice win; the resounding success of her debut single “Wasting All These Tears” (which was the first debut by a solo female artist to achieve Platinum status since Taylor Swift in 2006); an acclaimed debut album Frame By Frame; two major tours (with Rascal Flatts and Tim McGraw); a doc-u-series on CMT following her life as a new artist; and the award for Breakthrough Video of the Year at the CMT Awards, fans were chomping at the bit for something brand new from the artist with whom they had become so well acquainted and with whom they felt an emotional attachment.

At a recent all-female songwriters round in Nashville at City Winery, Cassadee made fans’ dreams come true when she announced that she would be performing a new song, “Let Me Go,” for the first time. Phones were immediately removed from their resting places and switched into video mode as one of the most powerful vocalists in the genre grabbed the microphone and shared her newest piece of art with eager onlookers.

“Let Me Go,” as Cassadee explained in her presentation of the track, is about somebody believing in you and understanding you, only to withdraw that faith suddenly. Experiencing that scenario, Cassadee struggled with her feelings and lost sleep while attempting to deal with the pain, and, ultimately, sought refuge in a songwriting session with co-writers Tina Parol and Kevin Rudolf.

The song speaks to anyone who has ever loved anybody or anything so much that he/she has poured him- or herself entirely into the object of that affection, only to find that the effort expended was at a costly price. The opening line reels listeners in instantly, as Cassadee emotionally reminds the recipient of the message “I told you right from the start I would give you my heart, ’cause I’m just a fool like that.” Delivering the line with vulnerability that sets the stage for the remainder of the sentimentally driven song, Cassadee paints the agonizing picture, using her voice as the brush.

With an intense build up leading into the chorus, Cassadee showcases her enormous vocal range, attacking notes that few artists can, while maintaining an unparalleled level of passion for the message which she is musically relaying. The powerful bridge leads into a plea to be released from the ties that bind:

But you don’t get me, so why ya gotta keep on holding me back like this? You don’t want me, but you won’t take these chains off of my wrists. I’ll never be good enough for you, never be good enough. What are we doing? You don’t get me so, so let me go, just let me go.

Expressing frustration in being held captive by another, Cassadee begs to be disconnected from the one who is no longer willing to stand beside her in this journey we call “life,” applying her incomparable voice to the arduous lyrics, making the task seem effortless.

If the industry and fans only take one thing away from this song, let it be the fact that there is not another artist out there right now who sounds anything like Cassadee Pope, nor is there anyone who can. Hitting notes of seemingly impossible heights in flawless fashion, Cassadee doesn’t just emit an award-worthy talent, but an immeasurable amount of passion that can only be ingrained in a person’s heart and soul.

Not only is Cassadee Pope what country music is about — she is what music is about. If “Let Me Go” is distributed to radio, as it should be, there is no way the stations would let it go.

Watch Cassadee Pope debut “Let Me Go”

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