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What you already know about Cassadee Pope’s country music journey is that she won Season 3 of The Voice as a member of Team Blake; she had the first platinum-selling debut single (“Wasting All These Tears”) by a female artist since Taylor Swift in 2006; she had her own docuseries on CMT; she won the CMT Award for Breakthrough Video of the Year; she went out on tour with Rascal Flatts and Tim McGraw; she was one of CRS 2014’s New Faces; she was nominated for the American Country Countdown Awards Female Artist of the Year; and she’s one of CMT’s Next Women of Country.

What you may not already know about Cassadee Pope, but will by the end of this article, is that as talented as she is when it comes to singing, songwriting, and guitar-playing, she is equally as well-spoken and shines in the interview chair just like she shines on the stage. Cassadee was recently a part of a panel for People Magazine’s Power Women TV, along with Chelsea Leyland, Grace Weber, and Mayaeni, to discuss the uphill climb necessary to make a career out of the passion they each possess for music, the obstacles they face, and how they gauge their personal success.

While each of these young musicians sacrificed certain experiences in their own lives to press forward in their careers, they all embrace the choices they made and know the paths they opted to travel were the right decisions for them. Cassadee specifically spoke on the subject of skipping college in order to pursue her dream to make music.

I never went to college and I play college shows sometimes, and I go on these campuses and I just think “this is a gap of my life that I missed”; I never experienced. And I’m like, you know, not mad at it. I feel like my college years were when I was eighteen and I went on tour with my old band. You know? It’s just weird the things we miss out on and the things we get to experience that other people don’t.

Watch Cassadee Pope discuss her sacrifices

The naturally gorgeous and incredibly sweet Cassadee also spoke of her biggest obstacle being in the public eye, which is her insecurity as it relates to her looks. Imagine living life through others’ microscopes and the difficulties that must accompany that feeling. Cassadee sheds light on what it’s like to be exposed to the constant critiques of spectators … those who fail to realize that celebrities are people too and are not entirely desensitized to the harsh comments that are uttered about their appearances.

Watch Cassadee Pope discuss her insecurities

Lastly, the girls discussed their measurements of their own successes. Cassadee explained that she has known what she wanted to do since she was four-years-old, and, even though she isn’t living her dream “per se,” she feels that “half the fun is the journey to getting to that point.” She articulately notes that missing out on the journey could compromise learning about who she is as a person, so, despite the long, winding path it may take to get to the ultimate destination, she is learning a lot about herself along the way.

Watch Cassadee Pope discuss her journey

What you know now about Cassadee Pope after having read this article and watched these videos is that she is beautiful on the inside, as well as the outside, has blessed us all with a phenomenal artist and role model while making sacrifices in her life, and is deserving of every great thing that comes her way. Country Music #CMchat adores this young artist and we are all grateful that someone like Cassadee is shining her light in country music. It simply wouldn’t be the same without her positive and poignant presence.

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