Part-Time California Girl @CassadeePope Welcomes You to the #HotelCalifornia (Watch!)

We had been hearing buzz that Cassadee Pope covered and slayed iconic rock band The Eagles’ “Hotel California” during recent shows, but nothing other than a fifteen-second clip appeared online … until now.

At the Anderson County Fair in South Carolina, Cassadee showed fans that she is planning on making the Grammy Award-winning title track off The Eagles sixteen-time (yes, SIXTEEN) platinum album a fixture on her set list, at least for the short-term. Considering Cassadee’s alternative-rock background, “Hotel California” seems like a great fit for the vocalist who spends much of her time writing and recording in Nashville these days, right? Wrong.

It is a PERFECT fit and an absolute testament to Cassadee’s voice, respect for all musical genres, and ability to spot a suitable song that long precedes her for coverage.

Since we have been introduced to Cassadee, we have heard her belt the big notes and wow crowds with her enormous vocals that never seem to falter, while also learning that this gifted girl is an evolving songwriter, plugging away behind the scenes. However, we don’t often see the more subdued side of the small spitfire with one of the largest voices in country music. “Hotel California” brings us the simplicity of a smash hit song that allows Cassadee to prove she is just as much of a chill-inducing vocalist with a melody of related keys as she is with the ones that explode into choruses of inexplicable magnitude and extreme modulation.

With Cassadee developing a recent trend of covering The Eagles’ chart-topping 1970s hit, we can only hope to hear her perform “Hotel California” for ourselves in living color in the near future. Until then, this short clip must suffice. Let us know what you think of Cassadee’s cover by tweeting us @CMchatLIVE and using #CMchat.

Watch Cassadee Pope perform “Hotel California”

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