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Our beloved Twitter turns eight-years-old today, and we cannot imagine our lives without the social media phenomenon that taught us to condense our deepest thoughts into 140 characters … or less. Twitter has caused users to commit to memory the location of the @ sign on a keyboard and has changed the name of the # symbol from “pound” to “hashtag”. Our social media lives will never be the same since the launch of the website/application donning that little blue bird and we are forever grateful. In honor of Twitter and its eight years in our lives, let’s take a look back over the years at eight of the finest country music additions to the Twitterverse.

In no particular order:

Blake Shelton

We have no explanation for this. All we can say is a picture is worth a thousand words.

blake shelton hair
Blake Shelton photo courtesy of http://twitter.com/blakeshelton

Carrie Underwood

This particular exchange never gets old. Carrie Underwood was lovingly supporting her husband, Nashville Predator player, Mike Fisher. Carrie excitedly tweeted


Of course, someone had to catch the possible innuendo there. Rolling Stone contributing editor, David Wild, wasn’t about to let Mrs. Fisher escape unscathed from her “that’s what she said” worthy statement. David responded to Carrie with

Carrie was rendered speechless (or tweetless?) after being called out on her slight blunder. Carrie bowed her head in defeat as she responded to David with

Well played, indeed, Mr. Wild. Luke Bryan He had his hands up, he was rocking in his truck, and then …

Duly noted, Luke!

Sunny Sweeney

If there is one country artist you may not follow that you absolutely should if you want a good laugh or twelve, it is Sunny Sweeney. Sunny’s tweets are ones for the books. This is just one gem from the treasure box that is Sunny’s Twitter feed


We have never felt so connected to Sunny before. She speaks in our staff’s native tongue. Solidarity sister!

Brett Eldredge

Add this guy to your list of must-follows if you don’t follow him already. It’s pretty safe to say that a vast majority of his tweets will leave you cackling at your desk. One of our favorites by this clever crooner is when he gave us a glimpse into his childhood.

Brett-Eldredge-jackassBrett Eldredge photo courtesy of http://twitter.com/bretteldredge


We are hoping that since Brice’s teeth were merely baby teeth, the dental work that likely followed this event was minor.

Miranda Lambert

There was one day on Twitter that most people would likely pay to have repeated. Miranda Lambert was either bored, drunk, or delirious (or all of the above), and she became quite the tweeting machine – from an airplane. Evidently, Miranda’s plane suffered some mechanical snafus and the pistol-pointing superstar decided to tweet the time away (resulting in countless tweets on this day), and we are so very glad she did. Miranda shared the flight with Martina McBride, as well as some friends she made in her stupor, “Mark,” “Sally,” and the man who sprayed rose water. Once the plane was serviced and Miranda arrived safely at her destination, she took to Twitter to share the news.

Before she signed off for the night, Miranda wittily and appropriately plugged her new song (at the time), “Baggage Claim.”

Cassadee Pope

If you aren’t following Cassadee Pope, you are missing out. From videos of her riding around on coolers to stirring in bed, you never know what you are going to get from the random musings of Cassadee. While she provided us with a lot to choose from, this one literally extracted ugly-faced laughter, which means it is a clear cut winner.

Who else wants to see the security footage from the airport cameras on that day?

Darius Rucker

Last, but certainly not least, we wanted to include this tweet because it is demonstrative of why Twitter is so powerful. Not only can you reach out and touch the stars – almost literally – but the stars can reach back and slap you right off your “I’m hidden behind a computer screen” high horse. And there is just so much beauty in that. In response to a hateful tweet, Darius Rucker, in the most classy way possible, defended himself and proved to be a strong representative for one very important race – the human race.


Twitter may grant you the right to speak freely and openly, but it doesn’t mean that everything that enters your mind should escape through your fingers and enter the Twitterverse. Hats off to Darius for calling attention to this matter.

There you have it, fine Country Music lovin’ folks. Just eight of the millions of reasons Twitter has made such an impact on social media and has found its way into our hearts and lives. We wish the people at Twitter a Happy Birthday and many more to come! #thanksforallyoudo

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