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On Monday night, September 29th,  we hosted our weekly #CMchat Twitterview with the award-winning duo, Big and Rich! If you missed it, don’t worry, you can read the recap here.

I had the opportunity to ask “Big Kenny” Alphin what his favorite charity was during the chat and found out it was Love Everybody. I immediately jumped on the World Wide Web to look up this charity because the name just draws you in. I was surprised to find out that this charity was actually started by Big Kenny and he promotes it globally. Love Everybody teams up and works with The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee and 100% of the donations they receive go to help people in need.

“I tell people Bono says ‘ONE’, Bob Marley says ‘One Love’, and this country boy says it as simply as he can: “Love Everybody!”
~Big Kenny

On his website Big Kenny states that the idea behind Love Everybody is very easy … “Our message is simple, LOVE EVERYBODY and spread the word.” This is something so simple, yet so empowering at the same time. Have you ever stopped to think what difference you might make in the world if you would just truly love everybody?

Find out more about ‘Love Everybody’ here on their website.

Thank you to @BigKennyTV for spilling a little piece of his heart to us!

Love Everybody


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