[email protected] Premieres #GonnaWannaTonight Music Video (Watch!)

Chase Rice’s smooth, sultry ballad, “Gonna Wanna Tonight,” showed fans a side of Chase with which they hadn’t yet become familiar at the time of its release. Following closely in tow is the music video for the song that has proven Chase’s versatility — both in subject matter and vocal abilities — to country music fans.

The music video takes place in a country home that appears to be set miles apart from civilization and is the setting for Chase and a gorgeous brunette to spend some private time. Whether Chase is strumming his guitar on the porch, the two are playing cards in front of a fire, or enjoying laying in one another’s arms on a hammock, the scene is set to lead viewers to believe that his significant other is “gonna wanna tonight.”

The video is a perfect representation of the song, which is seductive in nature and lyric, complete with rolling in the wheat fields and taking a late night swim … things that will likely lead to a “night cap.” The scene mimics the lyric “if you wanna go away out where there ain’t nobody around,” while the activities in which the couple is partaking are representative of the suggestions made throughout the track. As the two drink from red, plastic cups, the radio spins in the background, and her long, dark hair “gets to fallin’ down,” the video uses the lyrics of the song to paint the picture fans have been envisioning since the Sirius XM The Highway release of the single.

Watch Chase Rice’s “Gonna Wanna Tonight” video

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