Concert Review: Chase Rice – Jack Daniels and Jesus Tour

Chase Rice’s third headlining tour, Jack Daniels and Jesus, made its way to The Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, Illinois on October 16, 2015.

Singer/songwriter Jordan Davis opened up the night with a sampler set of interesting songs he’s written, including one titled, “Slow Dance in a Walmart Parking Lot.”

Arista Nashville recording artist, Cam, was next to take the stage. Her firecracker personality shined immediately, as she bounced on stage in tune with her tambourine and fiery band. Cam’s set included a few buoyant tracks from her EP Welcome To Cam Country and ended with her current hit single, “Burning House.”

The Cadillac Three were the biggest surprise of the night for me. They took the stage with pizzazz, playing “Days of Gold,” a song written by 2/3 of the group, Jaren Johnston and Neil Mason, but recorded by Jake Owen. I tend to like the original versions of songs when they are performed by the original songwriters, and this was no exception. Absolutely phenomenal. The uniqueness of The Cadillac Three that shined immediately is that their full band is comprised of just the three of them, yet they did not lack a bit of stage presence. At one point, Johnston and Mason took to the drums simultaneously, and the crowd went wild. Continuing an interactive set, The Cadillac Three performed their current single, “White Lightning” and a song they wrote for Keith Urban, “Raise ‘Em Up” before closing out with their debut single, “All About The South.” I like the diversity of the openers on this tour. They each brought something unique to the stage and it was fun to experience something different with each opener.


A white curtain rose, and silhouettes of Chase Rice and his band flashed across the curtain as the beginning of “How She Rolls” echoed through the Aragon Ballroom. Fans cheered for Rice as the curtain dropped and the show commenced with “50 Shades of Crazy” and “U-Turn,” songs from his latest album, Ignite The Night.

Much of Rice’s good time memories revert back to college, when he attended The University of North Carolina. He relayed to everyone that before he would go out, he and his buddies would drink and pre-game to a “playlist of songs before hitting the bar.” He shared some of the top songs off of that playlist, and sang snippets of, “Smoke a Little Smoke,” “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” “Dust on the Bottle,” “Livin on a Prayer,” and “Free Fallin’.” He followed that up with his song, “Goin’ Out” and kept the theme alive with “I Like Drinking Cause It’s Fun.”

Catwalk Chase

Introducing the title track of the tour, Rice explained that “Jack Daniels and Jesus” is still his favorite song that he’s written. It’s very apparent, as there is something different about the way that he connects to the lyrics and the passion behind his performance of the song. After he exposed his heart and life struggles via music, he broke the seriousness and began singing the sensual song, “Ride.” Rice invited a fan on stage to serenade halfway through the performance, and every girl in the room radiated jealousy.

It’s no secret that Rice’s first big break as an artist was for co-writing the Florida Georgia Line song, “Cruise.” He excitedly strummed his guitar and began singing the song that changed his life. As “Cruise” came to a close, Rice took a break to introduce his band. While announcing his band members, Rice had each of them show off their skills individually by choosing a song that everyone in the audience would know. After hearing two Blink-182 songs, which, by the way, were utter crowd favorites, Rice told his final band member to choose something 90’s country-ish to break it up. Indubitably, “Friends In Low Places” broke out, and Rice even conquered the famous third verse, as the crowd eagerly and fervidly sang along. Rice immediately rapped the ending of “Cruise” as the show seemed to come to a powerful close.

Chase and Guitar Player

Minutes later, “Ready, Set, Roll” began playing as Chase Rice returned to close out the night. His band continued to play some music while Rice jumped into the crowd to sign autographs, phones, etc. and snapped selfies with fans for a while post-show. The Jack Daniels and Jesus Tour offers a plethora of talent and is a must-see this fall! Check out the upcoming dates here.

Chase Goodnight

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