[email protected] Releases “Gonna Wanna Tonight” to @SXMTheHighway (Listen!)

Chase Rice’s album, Ignite the Night, has already burned up the iTunes charts, and now, with the imminent success he will enjoy this week on the Billboard Chart, Rice has released his next song from the disc … at least to SiriusXM’s The Highway. “Gonna Wanna Tonight” made its #Hot45SXM debut today (#33) and Storme Warren teased that this track will be Rice’s new single. Hopefully his forecast is correct!

“Gonna Wanna Tonight” is startlingly distinguished from Rice’s previous single “Ready Set Roll,” providing a more mid-tempo beat and showing off his vocal abilities in a different light. The lyrics paint the picture of a relationship where the girl has the guy wrapped around her finger and he is willing to do anything she wants in order to keep her happy. It’s also clear that the guy is going to be equally content, just as long as he is with the girl he loves. There’s no denying, however, he also wants to satisfy her because he is hoping to reap the benefits of her happiness later on in the night – perhaps all night. The chorus goes:

If you wanna go anywhere there ain’t nobody around, and let your long hair get to fallin’ down, and let your red lips leave their mark all over mine. Fill up the night air with the radio and put your hands wherever they wanna go, yeah, we’re right there, girl just close your eyes. If you wanna then we’re gonna, girl, I hope you’re gonna wanna tonight. If you wanna then we’re gonna, girl, I hope you’re gonna wanna all night.

The selection of the song as a single is brilliant, as it introduces country music fans to a side of Rice that has yet to be seen publicly. With his heavy-hitting, up-tempo, electric smash hit “Ready Set Roll,” Rice seemed to be entering into the world of country rock. Then, Rice followed up with a duet with Colt Ford (“The High Life”), making it seem like he was keeping his music high energy, but was weening away from any possible sub-genre classification. Now, Rice continues his tour of the spectrum, showing off a more sentimental, slower, and softer side to him, and does so seamlessly.

If you weren’t a Chase Rice fan before, you will be now. Listen to “Gonna Wanna Tonight” here, and remember to click the iTunes banner below to download his new album Ignite the Night.

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