Exclusive Interview and EP Review with Chris Lane

I recently had the chance to sit down with on-the-verge country music artist, Chris Lane, to talk about his new music and upcoming tour with Dustin Lynch. Tremendous things are emerging, as Lane’s debut EP from Big Loud Records is due to release November 13, and he just dropped his first single, “Fix” from that EP. “Fix” is an upbeat song, hypothetically being the “fix” for an addicted lover. “Fix” comes alive in a sonic way by melding dance beats, guitar riffs, and Lane’s unbelievable falsetto, with lyrics inspired by pop and country music alike.

One thing that Lane has always made a priority in his career is that he plays music that is true to himself. This much anticipated EPĀ has been in the works for a while. What has kept him motivated?

“The songs, the sound. Really finding the sound that is my niche this time. I recorded five-six songs previously that won’t end up on this album because I was going in a different direction initially. The song ‘Fix’ came along as I was trying to get my sound for this album figured out. It was something different and intimidating, with the falsetto parts. I had never done something like that. After I had recorded ‘Fix,’ it just felt right. As painful as it was for me, I ended up wiping out all of those previous recordings and just started over. If I hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t have the songs that I have now, and I couldn’t be more excited to share them with everyone.

I don’t know that a falsetto has ever been done in country music, but Lane absolutely slays it. It’s a must listen if you haven’t already!

You have likely heard his hit song “Broken Windshield View” on The Highway, but this time around, you are about to hear a variationĀ in the sound compared to what he has released in the past. Though the listening experience is different, there is a greater chemistry between Lane and the new music, in my opinion. This is due, in part, to the expertise of Joey Moi (who has worked with Florida Georgia Line and Jake Owen) as he is the producer for this EP, and highly skilled in helping artists portray their unique sounds.

“It’s very different than when I was putting out music myself, no doubt. I’ve spent a lot of time in Nashville collaborating with amazing songwriters. Some of the songs on this EP I’ve written, others I haven’t. I’ve always been attracted to songs that make me want to move and dance. That’s what I was looking for when I was picking songs out for this record. One of the songs ‘Drinking Games’ was written with some guys who have had a lot of recent success, Adam Sanders (‘Hell of a Night’ and ‘Ain’t Worth The Whiskey’ – both No. 1s) is one of the writers. It’s a song I’ve had for quite some time now and I’m glad it ended up on this record.”

As the overall sound of country music has begun to evolve, there has been a lot of talk about what constitutes country music these days. With an array of songs about small town Saturday nights, addictive love interests, and everything in between, Lane definitely pushes the envelope for country music – in an enchanting and bona fide way. I asked Lane about his thoughts on this new era of country music.

“The format is as broad as it’s ever been. A lot of that is based on the fact that most artists putting music out now, grew up listening to not only country music, but other genres of music as well. I think that is why we are seeing a change in the direction of the sounds of country music. I know that it influenced me and my sound, and I really think it’s great because it’s bringing in people who don’t listen to country music on the daily, and broadening their musical horizons. I love that.”

When you listen to this EP, you will hear a sound undoubtedly influenced by 90’s pop, complemented by country lyrics and ideas. It’s truly an intriguing musical experience that will hook you more and more with each listen. I asked Lane to pick a song off of the EP and tell me about it in greater detail.

“I grew up a huge fan of 90’s pop – Nsync, Backstreet Boys, etc. – and I kind of feel like the song ‘For Her’ really lives itself to that. Whenever I’m playing this song, I always tell people that this is my ‘Backstreet Boys’ moment. Actually, I was on my way to go write on the specific day that this song was written, and my producer called me in to get my vocals done instead. As bummed out as I was, I texted Sarah Buxton and said I had to cancel, and she later said that I needed to come on up and listen to this song that they had written for me. I heard it for the first time and I was immediately drawn to that sound. I loved it. I was mad at my producer for making me miss the chance to write on it!”

Lane also dished on his upcoming tour with Dustin Lynch and Tyler Rich.

“I’m really excited to be going out on Dustin Lynch’s Hell Of A Night Tour! This will be the first tour I’m a part of that I will have music out as well! I won’t let you know exactly what to expect, but I have upped the stakes a lot for this tour, so get excited! I just hope people can hear the passion and love I have for the music. I feel like that will come out every single night on stage while performing the songs. As I said, I wanted songs that felt great and would make people dance and sing along. I think that will happen, and I hope that people who show up end up really enjoying the show.”

There is a reason that we, at Country Music #CMchat, named Chris Lane one of the 15 Artists to Watch in 2015, and I think he is going to prove that true with this new EP showcasing his brand new sound.

Make sure to check out Chris Lane on the Hell Of A Night Tour starting in November, you will not want to miss it! Pick up the new his EP on iTunes.

Chris Lane Fix Cover

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