Chris Lane has “Girl Problems”

With the release of his six-song EP last fall, Big Loud Records recording artist, Chris Lane, gave us a temporary “Fix” of his unparalleled sound. But now he is providing the cure with his debut full length album, Girl Problems. Under the skill set of renowned producer, Joey Moi, Girl Problems features pop and R&B laden tracks that skate the line of the country music genre. This new sound for Lane was discovered while recording the debut single, “Fix” and though it’s something different for him, it’s a fit that can’t be denied. Here are 5 Things you’ll hear on Chris Lane’s Debut Album, Girl Problems.

Another Side Of Chris Lane

For anyone who has been a fan since Lane’s “Broken Windshield View” days, you’ll notice that his sound has taken a new turn, but there is prevalent chemistry between him and the music. The chemistry likely stems from his fondness of popular 90s music and is illuminated by his swoon-worthy vocals. In an interview earlier this year, Lane told me that the dotingly sweet, “For Her” is his “Backstreet Boy” moment, especially when performing live. I would slot “Back To Me” under the same category. It’s a heavy pop, light country ballad that explains hopefully, “I hope you find just what you’re looking for. I see in your eyes, you ain’t got that fire not more. Go on and run, see what there is to see, but I hope when you’re done, you’ll run, straight back to me.”

Love. Lyrically

Girl Problems is themed around the subject of love – new love, heartbreak, confusion, frustration, etc. Co-written by Lane, “All About You” is exactly the feelings you get when you meet a new love interest and genuinely want to know every quirk about them, while “Circles” uses soft, solemn vocals to expose a manipulative relationship that seems to run in circles of pain, blinded by one-sided love. Remember the song, “Let Me Love You” previously made popular by Mario in 2004? Chris puts a sexy country spin on it and adds it to the track listing for this album, and it’s guaranteed to make you want to let him love you.

Lyrics By Hit Songwriters

If you just check out the track listing at the bottom of this article, you’ll be face-to-face with some of the top songwriters in the country music industry. There is hit single potential on every one of the tracks on this album, but if I had to choose, I would predict single successes from “Her Own Kind of Beautiful” written by Rodney Clawson, Barry Dean, Matt Dragstrem, “Saturday Night” written by Ashley Gorley, Luke Laird, Shane McAnally, and the title track of the album, “Girl Problems” written by Chris Destefano, Ashley Gorley, and Josh Kear.


When you think of a country album, falsetto is probably not one of the first elements that comes to mind, but it’s an intriguing feature that sprinkles its way throughout Girl Problems. The hit single, “Fix” introduced the sound, and you’ll also hear it intertwined in tracks such as “Maybe” and “All The Time” which mixes finger-snapping with R&B beats and what sounds like banjo to produce an enticing sound.

Party Songs

Imagine a typical Saturday night in the country, complete with a bonfire, a 12-pack, and an overcrowded backseat, and you’ll get the picture of the bumpin’ song, “Saturday Night.” The interrogative track, “Who’s it Gonna Be” features a strong R&B tune and lyrically illustrates the frustration of being in competition for a love interest. Not only is it something that you can dance to, but it should take some serious consideration by ABC to become the new theme song of the TV show, The Bachelor.

Girl Problems by Chris Lane is available now on iTunes.

Chris Lane Girl Problems

Girl Problems Full Track Listing
01 Fix (Sarah Buxton, Jesse Frasure and Abe Stoklasa)
02 For Her (Matt Dragstrem, Kelly Archer and Sarah Buxton)
03 Let Me Love You (Kameron Houff, Shaffer Smith and Scott Storch)
04 Who’s It Gonna Be (Nick Bailey, Kevin Fisher, James “JHart” Abrahart and Ryan Ogren)
05 Back to Me (Cary Barlowe, Josh Thompson and Rob Persaud)
06 Maybe (Jacob Hawkes, David Pramik, Charlie Snyder and Eben Wares)
07 Her Own Kind of Beautiful (Rodney Clawson, Barry Dean and Matt Dragstrem)
08 All The Time (James “JHart” Abrahart, Jordan Evans, Chelcee Grimes, Tayla Parkx and Tinashe Sibanda)
09 Circles featuring Mackenzie Porter (Steph Jones, Joey Moi, Danny Parker, Sno and Emily Warren)
10 Saturday Night (Ashley Gorley, Luke Laird and Shane McAnally)
11 All About You (Andy Albert, Chris Lane and Jordan Schmidt)
12 Girl Problems (Chris DeStefano, Ashley Gorley and Josh Kear)

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