EXCLUSIVE Chris Young Flies On His Own With ‘I’m Comin’ Over’

On November 13, Chris Young releases I’m Comin’ Over – his fifth RCA studio album. It’s a departure for the singer in a few ways – starting with the fact that it’s the first project he has had a hand in co-producing, working alongside Corey Crowder. Young admitted that it was a different experience, but one that he liked. He told CMChatLive.com that he tried to take a little of what he has been exposed to over the years, learned from it, yet also came up with something unique.

“I’ve learned so much from people I’ve worked with in the past, but also working with Corey, and talking to other friends of mine that produce records in town. That’s a constant learning thing that you do, I think. It’s like songwriting and performing. There’s always things you see out there that you like that you pick up and make your own. There’s also things that you want to change and do a little different from everyone else. I think it’s about finding that balance and seeing what works, making your own style out of it.”

The singer admits there are a few subtle changes in sound on the record, but a performance like the waltz “I Know A Guy” will always have a place on a Chris Young record.

“There are certain things that I do that are more progressive on this record. We had more loops and things we flew in from demo sessions, but I’m always going to have steel guitar on my record. There are things that are always going to be traditional leaning in my sound. As soon as I start singing on something, you’re not going to wonder what genre it is. I think that there are ways to be more progressive, but there are always going to be things that root me in country – and I love that.”

The album features guest appearances from Cassadee Pope and Country Music Hall of Fame member Vince Gill. Young admits that having Gill on the album took him back to being a teenager and seeing the singer on stage at the now-defunct Starwood Amphitheater outside of Nashville.

“I reference all the time about seeing Vince Gill out there. Having him on the album really kind of brought things full circle. I remember sitting on the grass watching him play the guitar, thinking that I wanted to do that one day myself. Having him on the record is really a pinch me moment.”

One song that will definitely serve as a point of inspiration for fans will be “Underdogs,” which Young admits is personal.

“I had the idea for the song and I brought it to Corey and Josh Hoge. I thought it would be cool if we had this title. There are so many people – whether it’s the ones that are trying to pick themselves back up for a second chance, and ones that people are counting them out – there are so many that I feel can really relate to that sentiment. I’ve seen that for a lot of people who wind up hanging in there, and coming out of the other side a winner. I wanted it to be an anthem-type song. I think we accomplished that.”

And, who are some of his favorite underdogs?

“Most of mine are personal. I’ve got one buddy whose dream was to become a firefighter. It took him a long time, but he did that. He volunteered for a lot of years, and just recently achieved that goal. Seeing somebody accomplish something when other people have counted them out is really a cool thing for me.”

I’m Comin’ Over is out November 13.

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Photo Credit – David McClister

Author: Chuck Dauphin

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