Wish I’d Been There When Chris Young Did This… (video)

I hadn’t seen this before, but Chris Young just scored BIG with me. A couple years ago, he was performing a concert at Rabb’s in Ruston, Louisiana. I’ve gotta say, I’ve met Chris quite few times over the years and he’s pretty easy going, not the kinda guy you’d expect to lose his cool or pop off about anything……….but obviously his mama raised him right, ’cause while he was on stage, he saw a man shove a woman in the audience.   Then right in the middle of singing “Gettin’ You Home,” he stopped and yelled, “Hey assclown that just pushed a lady in the face, get the f— out of my show! 

He then motioned to management to turn the light on in the area, find the guy and get him out of the venue. Before continuing his performance, he asked the woman if she was OK and apologized to the audience for his colorful language. As fans cheered, the jerky dude who shoved the woman was escorted out of Rabb’s, and Chris continued his concert.

“The only way I know how to fix this is a song about doing ‘it’,” he laughed. “So, uh … chorus, gentlemen!

Later he took to Twitter to apologize for the colorful language.

I gotta give him bonus points for using the word “assclown.” It might be my new favorite word.  Take our quiz below about what country music personality you would want to have on your side in a bar fight!

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Photo Credit Sara Kauss sarakaussmusicians.com

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