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Sony recording artist Chris Young, joined Host Jessica Northey and the Country Music #CMchat Community for an exclusive Twitterview the same night his new single “I’m Comin’ Over” from his album due out fall 2015.

Q1 @chrisyoungmusic If you were introducing someone to Country Music for the first time, what artists/music would you suggest? #CMchat

A1: Brad Paisley, George Strait, Keith Whitley. If you don’t get it after that then I can’t help you 🙂 #CMChat #ImCominOver

Q2 @chrisyoungmusic If you had three wishes from a non-tricky genie, what would you wish for? #CMchat @TieraBolt

A2: 1. Health for my family, 2. To die in my sleep, 3. To sing for the rest of my life #CMChat #ImCominOver

Q3 @chrisyoungmusic what song do you feel you owe your success to? #CMchat @Vnbishop

A3: Gettin’ You Home started everything off for me so I would have to say that one. #CMChat #ImCominOver

Q4 @chrisyoungmusic What’s 1 thing you absolutely cannot live without & 1 thing you wish we could all live without? #CMchat via @teeco71

A4 My phone. Our phones. Haha! #ImCominOver #CMChat

Q5 @chrisyoungmusic Do you define yourself based mainly on your intentions, your actions, or something else? #CMchat @joycecherrier

A5: I like to let my music define me. #CMChat #ImCominOver

Q6 @chrisyoungmusic Tell us about ur new single #ImCominOver? Who wrote it? What inspired it? Or anything we’d find interesting? #CMchat

A6: I wrote the song with Corey Crowder and Josh Hoge. Corey and I co-produced this record together & I brought the idea in because I think if you have been in a relationship (Still Going or Not) everybody lives a moment like this. #CMChat #ImCominOver

Q7 @chrisyoungmusic If you were a super hero what would be your catch phrase be? #CMchat via @heykim

A7: Catch me if you can! (I’m a nerd and I love The Flash) #ImCominOver #CMChat

Q8 @chrisyoungmusic How do you tow the line so effortlessly between classic country and what’s hot on radio? #CMchat

A8: I am who I am. My voice is always going to be country. The production side/my writing is where I try to be different, but I don’t see why but I don’t see why traditional sounds aren’t cool. Steel guitar is personally one of my favorite things in the world! Besides I’d rather sound different than try to copy anyone else. #CMChat

Q9 @chrisyoungmusic Would you ever do a duet with a female artist? If so who would want to work with and why? #CMchat via @alanrowland

A9: There’s a duet on my new record with one of my favorite female vocalists right now, actually! #CMChat

Q10 @chrisyoungmusic what prized possession do you value above all others? #CMchat via @HTKatie

A10: I own one of Keith Whitley’s guitars, so I’d have to say that. #CMChat #ImCominOver

Q11 @chrisyoungmusic You’re a big football fan do you have an opinion about #DeflateGate & recent NFL findings? #CMchat via @Melanyb12

A11: I think it’s all blown out of proportion…(see what I did there?) In seriousness, I think NFL had to punish Brady, but he’s still one of the best QB of my lifetime #CMChat

Q12 @chrisyoungmusic What is the weirdest thing a fellow artist has ever said to you? #CMchat via @HopeDavis

A12: Jamey Johnson came by at the Opry (there was a sponsor for pickles that night) and he asked me if I was gonna eat mine…That was pretty different I guess haha! #CMChat #ImCominOver

Q13 @chrisyoungmusic Who would you like to record a duet with? Name one male and one female? #CMchat via @mdclarkson125

A13: I already mentioned one duet (Won’t give that away yet, but got to work with Vince Gill on this record. He’s always been a huge influence on me & it was so cool being at his studio! That was always on my bucket list. This record has a lot on it! #CMChat

Q14 @chrisyoungmusic I hear you’re a huge Conway Twitty fan . What’s your favorite Conway song and why? #CMchat via @brittwv

A14: That’s My Job. It’s a classic! #CMChat #ImCominOver

Q15 @chrisyoungmusic When can your fans expect a new album and give us any details about that you can? #CMchat via @icyfire11

A15: I’ve already mentioned a few guests on this record, but there’s gonna be a few more cool things! There’s even a waltz on the album. Can’t wait for it to be out already & I hope everyone loves #ImCominOver


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