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Christian Kane is possibly one of the most loved performers out there. With a fan base (“the Kaniacs“) that has stood by him through it all and has no intention of ever letting Kane down, he has traversed through music, film, and television, taking along with him an impressive following. Tonight, Kane and his fans will move forward in their journey together when The Librarians, a new series on TNT, premieres with a special two-hour episode at 8pmET/7pmCT.

The Librarians is a series based on the TNT movie franchise, The Librarian, and centers around a group of individuals hidden beneath the Metropolitan Public Library. The purpose of the individuals, who function as an organization, is to protect the world from reality sneaking up on them unexpectedly. The group solves mysteries, fights threats of supernatural proportions, and recovers artifacts.

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Kane will portray Jacob Stone, an Oklahoma native who has spent his life trying to fit in with those who worked the oil pipeline with him. Unbeknownst to the cowboys with whom he works, Stone is a bonafide genius as it relates to art, architecture, and history. Stone joins forces with the underground assemblage after he is targeted for assassination.

Joining Kane in the cast are: Rebecca Romijn, Lindy Booth, John Kim, and John Larroquette. The series is currently comprised of ten first season episodes, each containing a title beginning with “And the…” and describing a mythical situation that moderately foreshadows the scenario the Librarians will face during the one-hour period.

We can’t wait to see what Christian Kane will bring to the role of Jacob Stone and follow the group’s adventures! Will you be watching The Librarians?

Let us know what you are expecting from this new series by leaving us a comment here. And, when the premiere ends, make sure to come back and give our readers your elevator speech as to why they should tune into TNT’s newest show!

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Watch Christian Kane show off his country singing skills

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  1. Oh yeah #Kaniacs will be watching from all over the world.. even tho some might not be able to see it til tomorrow night!! Christian Kane on my tv.. a MUST SEE for me!!! Thanks for sharing! ♥

  2. Excellent review!! Christian’s “Kaniacs” will be doing a FB party during the show. We so look forward to the show. Thanks for your support of Christian. Everyone watch tonight!

  3. Oh, yes! This #Kaniac has been anxiously awaiting this since Spring! I am selecting the appropriate color PTBK (Proud to Be a Kaniac) Tshirt and preparing to watch tonight!! Thank you so much for sharing your write-up! Christian Kane in The Librarians tonight on TNT! (that wasn't too loud was it??)

  4. Aww Yeah, I will be definently watching #TheLibrarians tonight with #ChristianKane! Thanks for the shout to the Kaniacs!

  5. Thank you for the kind words about us Kaniacs! You certainly made us smile today. I am BEYOND EXCITED that Christian Kane has a new series. I have planned my whole day and evening around watching The Librarians with my family. From all the trailers, it looks like a really fun show for the whole family. We need more of those. Thank you Dean Devlin and John Rogers.

  6. Yep, Kaniac here…and will definitely be watching #TheLibrarians tonight with our lovely Christian Kane! Thanks for the Kaniac love!

  7. There is only one thing anyone needs to know…….Christian Kane is in the show…….

  8. THANK YOU!! What a terrific article! Yes, his Kaniacs will stick beside him wherever he leads. And what a ride this will be. I am so excited for "The Librarians"!!! Yeehaw, it's almost time!

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