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The people have spoken! And when the people speak here at #CMchat, our team listens loud and clear! We recently posted about the sexiest male voices in country music and, without hesitation, the #Kaniacs came out in droves, passionately and politely insisting that their number one man, Christian Kane, was an oversight. While I deeply apologize for the disappointment the list of seven male artists caused, I am glad this happened so we could find out who you, the people who embrace us daily and allow us to do what we do, want to read about on our site and socials!

With that being said, where has the fabulous Christian Kane been as of late and where can you find him in the near future? Well, you can catch this country rocker on screens – big and small, as he has quite the impressive acting resume. After starring on the show Leverage from 2008-2012, Christian made a move to another role, bringing his talents to King & Maxwell. Christian lent his musical talents to several of the shows and movies of which he was a part and has songs on the soundtracks of: AngelLife or Something Like ItThe Crooked E: The Unshredded Truth About EnronJust MarriedLeverageNASCAR 09, and Keep Your Distance.

Most recently, Christian has taken on a part in the show The Librarians, which is slated to premiere in December 2014 on TNT. He was also cast for a movie, entitled 50 to 1, which is now in limited release to theaters in Michigan, Illinois, Nebraska, Florida, Kentucky, Indiana, California, and New York. According to IMDb.com, Christian has two more movies in the post-production and filming stages: All Stars and Tinker.

It’s plain to see that Christian, albeit not currently in the country music spotlight, has been hard at work in the entertainment business, sharing his plethora of talents (and stellar good looks) with the world. The #CMchat team looks forward to following Christian’s career as he continues to travel down the paths of musician and actor, and we thank his faithful #Kaniacs for opening our eyes to his variety of talents.

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  1. Awesome! Thank you for posting about Christian Kane, he is such a
    talented individual and definitely deserves the attention!

  2. Thank you Jen. Very informative article for anyone who isn’t familiar
    with this uber talented man. Did you know, he can also cook! He’s had 1
    or 2 of his recipes end up in ‘print’. Here’s the show, ‘Taste Of
    Music’ where Christian Kane makes his Jalapeño & Goat Cheese stuffed
    sirloin sandwiches with caramelized onions. IYes, it’s as delicious as it sounds
    😉 http://youtu.be/VGAuBXNBf2g

  3. Thank you Jen. Very informative article for anyone who isn’t familiar
    with this uber talented man. Did you know, he can also cook! He’s had 1
    or 2 of his recipes end up in ‘print’. Here’s the show, ‘Taste Of
    Music’ where Christian Kane makes his Jalapeño & Goat Cheese stuffed
    sirloin sandwiches with caramelized onions. Yes, it’s as delicious as it sounds
    😉 http://youtu.be/VGAuBXNBf2g

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of all of our Kaniac hearts. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the wonderful article about Christian Kane, you did a great job and Kaniacs all over the world appreciate it.

  6. Awesome! Thanks so much for the wonderful write up! #Kaniacs can't say enough good things about #ChristianKane.. and are always happy to share his wonderful talents with everyone to enjoy! He is such a sweetheart..and appreciates his #Kaniacs Check out this recent interview abt movie #50to1 where we get a shout out from the announcer and Christian Kane too..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dl5siiB9C-M&list=PLeJ87bop9oRG-jqdwBCZCfYmvZTAdsJq4&index=76 We will continue to spread the talents of him any and everywhere we can.. thank you ♥

  7. What an awesome article! Thank You, Jen! Christian Kane is seriously under-estimated and under-appreciated for his many talents!

  8. Thank you SOO much for showing off our beloved Christian Kane!! #Kaniacs LOVE seeing him in the spotlight!! Christian Kane is an inspiration to all of his Kaniacs, and just an awesome person all the way around!! Thanks again for helping us spread the word!!

  9. Thank you so much for this wonderful article about Christian Kane!! He truly is an awfully talented man, with a heart full of love and passion! We Kaniacs truly appreciate him and yall!Thanks again!!

  10. Thanks for the great artical on an AMAZING talanted man. He sings and acts and COOKS.

  11. Thanks to your wonderful article, now people around the country and the world can see why we love Christian Kane. He’s a multi-talented artist who shares his talent through his acting/singing with the world. I’ve met him at a couple of shows and he is a down to earth, caring man. The reason many of his fans are so supportive of his career is because there isn’t the usual line between fan and artist. He always treats his fans like friends that he hasn’t seen in awhile. He always takes the time to sign autographs, take pictures, and ask how your day is going. Many of us began following him because of his acting or singing, but we’ve stayed fans of his because he treats us as friends.

  12. Jen, thanks so much for your response and your wonderful article! #ChristianKane is an incredible talent and I really appreciate you taking the time to look into his skills and projects and providing another forum for others to be affected by his talent and magnetism.

  13. thank you ::D

  14. Thanks for hearing us and the awesome write up! I hope you enjoy watching and listening to Christian Kane as I do!

  15. Well Ms. Jen you are just awesome for giving our Christian Kane a beautiful shout out, as a Proud #Kaniac we do what we do because he is a beautiful person with a heart of gold, he treats his #Kaniacs with respect and lots of love, and rocking music.
    Thank You for this article.

  16. Thank you for listening to us, Christian Kane's Kaniacs; and for publishing such a great interview about our guy!!

  17. Thank you so much for recognizing our #ChristianKane!!! The write up is awesome! He is a truly talented and wonderful man who makes it clear how much he loves his #Kaniacs….and believe me….the feelings are mutual!!!

  18. Thanks for the great article….Looking forward to The Librarians, Tinker and 50 to 1 the movie

  19. Thanks for hearing our Christian Kane “shout out”! He is a wonderful actor, soulful singer/song writer an shows love to all fans. Total sweetheart!!!

  20. Thank you so much for the article about #ChristianKane! I am proud to be a part of the #Kaniacs and the support we all give to such a gifted, wonderful man. 😀

  21. Thanks for taking the time to check out the amazing Christian Kane! The world can never have enough Kaniacs and we are grateful for your bringing Christian into the spotlight here.

  22. Thanks so much for the article. We Kaniacs do love this man and just want to share our love for him with everyone.

  23. Thanks, Jen…you said you would look into our Christian Kane and off you went to familiarize yourself with this talented man…we can only hope you will keep your eyes on him and your mind open to his beautiful voice and wonderful music…thanks again.

  24. Thank you so much for doing a special feature on Christian Kane – he really is seriously underrated in the Country Music world, however if you listen to any of his albums #WelcomeToMyHouse (Solo re-release of 2010 #TheHouseRules) and formerly with band #Kane they released #LiveInLondon – which has also been re-released this year. There’s talk of new music this year too. That alongside all of the movie & tv projects that CK is involved in makes this truly the #YearOfKane !! Thanks again 😀

  25. Thank you very much for the great article about Christian Kane! As one of his Kaniacs, I can tell you that Christian's amazing talents both as a musician and actor are more than worthy of our support and loyalty, not to mention that he is just a humble and generous person with a big heart!

  26. No matter where Christian is at or what he is doing, We, His faithful KANIACS, we are there with him, and we do everything possible to let him always feel our love. Thank you for helping to keep him in the public eye. LOVE YOU CHRISTIAN!!!!

  27. I ❤Christian Kane #kaniacforlife

  28. Thanks for the write up. CK is the most talented man I’ve ever seen, not just his good looks and great voice, his acting is incredible, he writes or co-writes his own songs, and if you listen to “Mary can you come outside” and know it’s a real event then you know he is hero in the truest sense of the word. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ag9ElM71z_o


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