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On June 3rd the lovable and very handsome Chuck Wicks joined Country Music’s #CMChat for a twitterview in support of City of Hope’s #StrikeOutCancer initiative. Country Music Artist and America’s Morning Show Co-Host Chuck Wicks responses were witty and filled with some of his favorite emoticons. Even when our Twitterview was over he gave fans a look inside his new single “I Don’t Do Lonely Well”. It was amazing. Can’t wait for you guys to hear it!

Q1 how would you explain to someone who didn’t know you what you do (in 140 characters)?

A1 love to entertain. Live life. Laugh. Don’t take my self seriously but know when too. Outdoorsman farmer singer/writer

Q2 How do you balance your music with being an on-air radio host? via @mswillielosito

A2 ‪ Great question I take a lot of Naps. Lol I absolutely love what I do and feel very blessed. ‪@AmericasMorning when you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life. Being one dimensional can be boring.. It’s nice to balance

Q3 What can fans expect on your next album (and do you have an estimated release date yet)? via @BrittWV

A3 ‪ Late summer. expect a better version of me musically. From writing to singing. I hope they likey!

Q4 Are you doing anything special for your fans at #ChevyCMA Fest? via @CarolSweeney69

A4 Fan Fest party June 13th I meet everyone after show! Still some tix left.

Q5 What is your take on #TomatoGate since you sit in a unique position as on air & musician? via @teeco71

A5 ‪I can’t speak for anyone else. But great music deserves to be heard. I support all musicians.. It’s hard enough as is there’s a lot of Great Women that deserve to be heard. With that said.. There’s also a lot of great men too!

Q6 Who has the worst morning breath you, @blairgarner or @TerriClarkMusic ? via @sneezeguard

A6 I will never get that close!! Lol

Q7 Where do you find the most inspiration for songwriting? via @tierabolt

A7 Real Life. And movies.. So fake life too! Lol

Q8 What are you doing to prepare for @cityofhope #StrikeOutCancer? via @imtaylorrrr

A8 Nothing. Im ready!! 2 homers last year!!

Q9 Is there anything we haven’t asked you about you that you think fans would want to know about you?

A9 ‪just keep them coming. You guys are great. And follow ‪@AmericasMorning Show!! As well as me


Chuck Wicks will be joining other A-list celebrities in Nashville for the 25th Annual City of Hope Softball Game, shortly after he will throw is 8th annual CMA Fest Fan Club Party w/Meet and Greet at the City Winery on June 13th.

Make sure you’re following Chuck on Twitter and keep up to date with him on his website.

click pic to get Chuck Wicks Saturday Afternoon

chuck wicks saturday afteroon

About Chuck Wicks

Chuck Wicks is celebrating the release of his latest single, “Saturday Afternoon,” from his forthcoming album on his new label home, Blaster Records.

Following the breakout success of his 2007 debut single “Stealing Cinderella,” which hit the Top 5 on the Billboard country chart and marked the biggest single debut for any new country artist that year, Chuck actively took a step back and committed himself to songwriting. His upcoming release, which he co-produced, will include all of the tracks from his EP Rough, a recent collection of songs released in April of 2013 that announced the singer-songwriter.

Chuck has become a welcome face in country music, moonlighting as a morning DJ on NASH-FM’s popular America’s Morning Show

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