Video Review: Clare Dunn – Tuxedo

Extremely attractive male working on a sprawling farm with multiple acres, a sturdy barn and gorgeous horses…sounds like a country girl’s dream right?

It’s actually the world created for Clare Dunn’s most recent single, “Tuxedo.” The video begins with a view of a field where horses are grazing peacefully and the male lead is unloading bales of hay from the bed of his pick-up truck to be moved into a barn. The first shot of Dunn shows her sitting in the passenger seat of the pick-up as she sings, “He don’t need no coat and tie, don’t need no black and white…,” setting up the stage for the idea that a man doesn’t have to be fancy to be impressive.

clare dunn tuxedo

Throughout the video, Dunn is shown singing in a barn, shredding guitar, and looking fabulous in a couple different outfits. Meanwhile, her man is busy out in the field showing his finesse with the horses through his calm touch, his training expertise in a round pen, and setting up an afternoon ride for two.

As an equestrian of 14 years, this video made me nostalgic for all the summer nights I spent out on the farm learning the value of hard work and the bond that develops between horse and rider, and maybe even that special someone who has your heart.

In the end, Dunn rides away, not only with her “George Strait quiet type….in the dirty white tee…and boots,” but also a solid video that not only captures the sweetness of the lyrics but the spunk and sass as well.

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Pick up Clare Dunn’s self-titled EP featuring “Tuxedo” on iTunes.

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