Review: @ClaytonAnderson Is Right Where He Belongs on EP

A few months ago, #CMChat had the chance to chat with rising country star, Clayton Anderson. He’s since attended the CMA Awards, where he met up with our own Jessica Northey and Jen Swirsky, and toured all over the country in support of his his EP, Right Where I Belong, a catchy collection of country confection. While his bread and butter as an artist is truly his incredible stage show that we were lucky to catch at this year’s CMA Fest, Anderson also thrives in the recording studio, as evidenced on tracks like “Your Love Is Like Country Music,” “Doin’ What You’re Doin,” and the EP’s title track, “Right Where I Belong.”


When we spoke to Clayton, he opened up about his reasons for choosing the EP’s title. “The record’s called Right Where I Belong and there’s nothing more powerful than those words right there because this is right where I belong…and there’s no other place I’d rather be than right there on the stage playing these songs.” The title track is truly a standout on the EP, a perfect anthem for anyone who’s truly happy with their situation in life. “Oh I”m right where I belong, got a good thing going on,” he sings and we can’t help but agree.

While every song on the EP could stand on its own, another highlight is the album’s mid-tempo first single, “Your Love is Like Country Music.” The track is an ode to the love of a woman that just happens to be comparable to the heyday of country music, like “an old Don Williams song.” The song is complete with a chorus of “Whoas” that lend themselves perfectly to a singalong at a live show and we can only imagine this track is the star of Anderson’s live show.

Clayton also admitted to us that one of his favorite tracks was “Doin’ What You’re Doin’,” a track truly inspired by his own life, but with an upbeat spin. “We put the first record out and we went to record companies and they’d say ‘Clayton, just keep on doing what you’re doing…It started out serious and then turned into a party song with a message on the bridge.” While the song encourages everybody to throw their hands up and tip it on back, it rings true and shines in the message of the bridge. “Keep on doing what you wanna do/ Chasing dreams ’til they all come true/ Don’t let nobody slow ya down/ It takes all kinds to make the world go ’round…”

“Ride with Me” and “Sweet Enough” are perfect tracks for a roadtrip soundtrack, and are the fun and punchy up-tempo just made for singing along with beers aloft during a live show. Clayton also slows things down a bit, showing off his slower sultry side on “You Turn Me On,” which is somewhat stylistically similar to, but better than, Jason Aldean‘s smash “Burnin’ It Down.”

While Clayton Anderson may still be doin’ what he’s doin’, seeking that “Country High” and chasing the dream out on the road, there’s no doubt in our minds that he’s right where he belongs.

Watch Clayton Anderson’s Video for “Your Love Is Like Country Music” here!

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