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We had an incredible time on Country Music’s #CMChat with Clint Black when we joined us for a Twitterview! Clint is simple, honest, real and a super fast tweeter!! He found time to talk with us and his fans about lots of interesting things he has going on right now including, his music from his new album “On Purpose” along with his upcoming TV Special airing soon, some special moments he reflects on in his career and talking about what it’s like to be in today’s country music generation!



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Q1 After all these years what inspired you to make Country Music #OnPurpose & THANK YOU!

A1 I opened my mouth, Country came out. I can do other styles but that’s an adaption to who I am.

Q2 If an artist wanted to cover one of your songs what artist would you want it to be?? via @justcountrycass

A2 @AlisonKrauss Any song. @JustCountryCass

Q3 What is one thing you wished would have stayed the same in country music?? via @countryinaz

A3 That it was more artist centric. @CountryinAZ

Q4 If someone wrote a book about you what would be the title? @justcountrycass

A4 Not Just Killin’ Time @JustCountryCass

Q5 what stands out as the single most amazing moment of your career? via @sneezeguard

A5 Too hard! …moments, winning ACM with Lisa. Tonight show with Carson, recording with heroes, being in Maverick…

Q6 Who do u think from this generation will be remembered in future like yourself or @GeorgeStrait? via @EmilyAnnWells

A6 I can’t remember. What was the question? Oh. I’m at the point where I don’t know who belongs to what gen.

Q7 What is your personal favorite song on #OnPurpose? vua @shootinthedirt

A7 “You Still Get to Me”. And the other 13 songs or they wouldn’t be on there!

Q8 what role does social media play in your success as an artist today? via @tierabolt

A8 Keeps me connected and allows me to share personal stuff with the fans who brought me to the dance.

Q9 ur label “Equity Records” launched @LittleBigTown’s career, why didnt you pursue it further? @TheJasonCurtis

A9 The group left Equity for a bigger label. The success we’d built couldn’t sustain that loss.

Q10 You’ve appeared on multiple TV shows, which one did you enjoy working on the most? via @KCarib

A10 The comedy shows; Larry Sanders, Wings, Hope and Faith, Hot Properties… @KCarib

Q11 Everyone is trying to fit into “new country” mold but you made a record a COUNTRY record, what inspired #OnPurpose

A11 I’ve practiced my craft for hours everyday. Something has to come out. When this one’s in the rearview mirror, songs will brew in my head again and I’ll start over. #OnPurpose

Is there anything we haven’t asked you about that you think fans should know?

Yes! I have a TV special coming soon: … And I have a new album #OnPurpose:

What is the best way for people keep up with you?

Getting on my mailing list is best, but Twitter and Facebook are very good to do also

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Clint Black – On Purpose

Clint Black

  1. Time For That
  2. Doing It Now
  3. One Way
  4. Making You Smile
  5. Better and Worse
  6. Still Get To Me
  7. Stay Gone
  8. Beer
  9. Right On Time
  10. Callin’ It News
  11. Breathing Air
  12. Summertime Song
  13. The Last Day
  14. Trouble

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