Album Review: Clint Black – On Purpose

In a day and age where many country music artists are trying to fit in, Clint Black stands out, making country music On Purpose. His first studio album in almost a decade, On Purpose is as relevant to country today, as his previous nearly two dozen No. 1 hits. His wife of the same number of years, actress Lisa Hartman Black, accompanies him on “You Still Get to Me.” A sophisticated love ballad, to match their enduring relationship. His inimitable voice, caresses every word, and indeed, he still gets to me.

Love is a clear participant in many of the tracks, including the tender “Breathing Air,” the hopeful “Right on Time,” a song for the lovers still waiting to find each-other, and “Doing it Now for Love,” a weak moment for a powerful person, casting aside pride, and following their heart. In line with that path, three songs impress the point of living each day with that intention; “One Way to Live,” a poignant reminder, with the cutting line, “I can think of a thousand ways to die, but only one way to live.” “Time for That,” about spending your minutes on what matters, and the final cut, “The Last Day,” a beautiful song, ripe with wisdom, and the knowledge, that this may very well be your last.

Included in the powerful ballads, and hard hitting lyrics, are tunes such as “Better and Worse,” a look at the imperfection that is living. “Stay Gone” powerfully addresses addictions, whether drug, alcohol, or perhaps a woman like that in the playful, yet cautious, “The Trouble.” Interspersed among them, are the less serious bouncing party number, “Beer,” and the building energy of “Summertime Song.” Words borrowed from songs past, weave together to create something new, yet familiar. There is no mistaking the vocal power of Clint Black, as he takes the listener back, and there is no denying his ability to take country music forward.

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Clint Black – On Purpose

Clint Black

  1. Time For That
  2. Doing It Now
  3. One Way
  4. Making You Smile
  5. Better and Worse
  6. Still Get To Me
  7. Stay Gone
  8. Beer
  9. Right On Time
  10. Callin’ It News
  11. Breathing Air
  12. Summertime Song
  13. The Last Day
  14. Trouble

Author: Holly Horn

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