Country Music Legend @Clint_Black Rocks It on Social Media!

During CMA Fest, Jessica Northey and I were incredibly fortunate (understatement of the year) to be invited to a very special Clint Black video shoot. The set was extremely intimate, consisting of very few crew members and visitors, so we had the opportunity to spend some quality time with Clint. Of course, where there is Jessica Northey, there is discussion about social media and how an artist employs sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ to communicate and share updates with fans. Without hesitation, Clint explained to us that he does all of his own social media and makes it a point to try to respond to as many fans as possible, in an effort to keep them completely engaged.

Clint Black, folks. Clint … Black. He does his own social media. To scratch the surface, Clint has: ACM Awards, AMA Awards, CMA Awards; thirteen studio albums; Number 1 albums; Number 1 songs; cameos in several films/television shows; and is a member of the Grand Ole Opry. In the midst of his twenty-five year career, Clint somehow has found the time to sit down, grab his computer or phone, log on to Hoot Suite (or “Hoot Suit” as he calls it!), and respond to your messages.

This conversation left us thinking … If Clint Black does his own social media, so should everyone else!

As a fan of country music, ask yourself what you are hoping to achieve by tweeting or commenting to an artist. As a fan of country myself, if I am attempting to contact an artist, chances are I am doing so to say I like something he/she/they are doing or am mentioning something that reminded me of him/her/them. It is remarkably rewarding to receive a response (or even a favorite/retweet) from that artist, knowing your comment was seen and, more importantly, appreciated. It is even more fulfilling when you know the artist does his/her/their own social media and it is actually the person you reached out to who is reaching back. Granted, you often have no idea who is on the other end of the computer and you likely hope that your favorite is really sitting at the computer, reading your tweets, laughing, crying (tears of joy, naturally), typing ferociously, and communicating with fans. However, let’s be real — that is not always the case.

As an artist, what is the benefit of doing your own social media? Plain and simple — getting the opportunity to know, understand, and give back to the audience. If a fan is happy, the fan will support the artist more. If the artist is supported more, you are more successful. It’s an ongoing cycle that is so easy to perpetuate … and to think it all begins with you personally hitting that little retweet button or typing just a few characters in gratitude. Also, when you tweet/post at all, the troops come out to retweet and share those words. With every retweet and every share, the digital path becomes longer and the number of viewers and potential new fans multiplies. See? It is totally beneficial to you as a public figure to put your thumbs to good use!

Artists, take note … less than 140 characters to a big fan goes a long way. Understandably so, you are quite busy with your careers: writing, recording, promoting, touring … but in the whirlwind that is the life of an artist, taking a few minutes out of the day to be social with those who help keep your careers afloat can only positively serve you. Saying a quick “hi,” “thanks,” “tweet,” “:)” or hitting “favorite” or “retweet” every now and then takes almost no time out of your day, but can, ironically, make someone else’s day. Take a page out of Clint Black’s book — it is incredibly valuable!
Speaking of Clint on Twitter, he will be joining Country Music Chat #CMchat for a #Twitterview this Monday, September 22nd, at 6:00pmPT/9:00pmET. We are beyond thrilled to chat with Clint and celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Killin’ Time with this country music legend!
Clint Black Cmchat twitterview

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