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Jessie James Decker is back at it again, with a brand new single, “Lights Down Low” and a new album in the works! She is currently days away from welcoming her second child into the world, finishing up a Christmas album, launching her next clothing and accessory line for her brand Kittenish, and about to kick off the busiest season of the year as an NFL wife to husband Eric Decker. This woman seems like a multitasking extraordinaire! How does she balance it all and what is in store for her in the coming months? Jessie called me up yesterday to give me the scoop firsthand!

Decker’s latest single, “Lights Down Low” is an upbeat, sexy song about keeping date night at home. “This is the most excited I’ve ever been about a song of mine,” she explained. “I wrote this a few months ago with one of my good girlfriends, Alyssa, who I write almost everything with. I was inspired by my husband. I feel like we are a boring couple most times! We don’t want to go out and go to clubs or go partying, we always want to stay home and have our own little party, alone. After our daughter goes to bed, we will have a bowl of cereal, sit in bed, talk or play cards. We are so lame together, but it’s so much fun for us! I wanted to write a song that i felt like people could relate to.”

If you are anticipating more new music, it’s on the horizon, so be patient! “My next album was supposed to come out this year, but with having my little baby, I wanted to wait so that I could go on tour and start playing my music for everyone,” Decker said. “It will now be coming out in the spring.”

She also let me in on a little surprise! This upcoming week she is putting finishing touches on a Christmas album that will be released in November, so we can all get our Jessie James Decker fix until her spring 2016 album release! She has been very hands on in the process of making the new album. “I’m so excited because there are many songs that I feel like people will be able to relate to,” Decker stated. “I’ve written everything on this record! I am very passionate about writing. I would like to be able to write the majority of my music, because then it’s coming from my mouth, my words.” Personally, I think that having your hand in writing is fundamental in creating a connection between the lyrics and the artist, and I can’t wait to hear her new music!

With her new album set to release in early 2016, Decker announced that she will be touring this upcoming March! “My husband will be off for the season, so I will be packing up the kids, and him, and they will be joining me on the road!” she exclaimed. In case you’re wondering who her dream tour partner would be, her response was, “I would say right now, Sam Hunt. I think he and I would share a very similar crowd; a young, fun crowd. I know he has a ton of girls crazy over him out there, but I think those same girls would probably be girls who would love what I’m doing, too, and we could have our girl power moment, then he would come out and they could drool over him and enjoy his music.” As a bonus she added, “He and Eric could throw the football around during his breaks!” Sounds like you have quite the plan there, Jessie! I actually have goosebumps over the idea of these two stars teaming up! What do you think, Sam Hunt?

Alongside being a country music star, an NFL star’s wife, and a mom, Decker is additionally an owner of a bikini line (Jessie James Decker for Amore and Sorvette) and her clothing, Kittenish, which is currently in the process of launching its fall line. How does superwoman do it all? She humbly said, “Finding structure that works for me and my family. I’ve never been a routine person until I became a mother. Now, I kind of have to have a routine. Children need that, and we have our little routine in the morning. Vivi will take her nap, and during her naps, I will get my work done. I had my partners with Kittenish come to the house so that I could be with my daughter, and so she could be involved. She was taking my colored pencils while we were designing things and drawing and running around. It was adorable.” If there was ever any doubt about Jessie James Decker being a grounded individual, just listen to her speak about her daughter. She absolutely has her priorities in line, and has the sweetest love for her little girl! She went on to say, “I try to put as much effort into not having to be away from her, as much as possible. When I can’t have her with me, my mother will come out and hang with her, or her godmother – my sister. I’m thankful that she always has someone with her who loves her.”

Jessie also has a little boy on the way. What if they wanted to follow in her and her husband’s career footsteps? Looks like it’s already happening! Decker laughed as she said, “It’s funny, I feel like Vivi is already doing that! She is such a little imitater! She loves to sing. I’ve had a few shows this summer where she has outrun my sister, and ran on stage. So I picked her up, and she grabbed the microphone and started singing and dancing. She is such a little entertainer. She blows kisses to everyone like she’s Marilyn Monroe. I would not doubt it if she decided to be an entertainer one day. As far as my son, again, I wouldn’t be surprised if he decides one day that he wants to be a football player. My husband is such a freak of nature athlete. He’s so unbelievably talented and good, and I wouldn’t be surprised if those genes did not follow right on through to him!” It will be fun to see what the next generation of Decker’s holds!

Jessie James Decker is clearly unstoppable! Be sure to check out her latest single “Lights Down Low” and be on the lookout for her Christmas album in the next few months! I’d love to hear your thoughts on “Lights Down Low”! Tweet me your feedback @TieraBolt #CMchat

Download Jessie James Decker’s latest single “Lights Down Low” at iTunes.

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