#CMchat Exclusive: Neon Moon “If I Knew” Video Premiere

Georgia native Josh Bohannon moved from his small hometown to Los Angeles to play in rock and metal bands in pursuit of his musical dreams. Ten years ago, he followed one of those bands to Nashville for a yearlong gig. One month later the band broke up and he started going to writers’ rounds. Bohannon met his musical partner and future wife Noelle, who grew up playing piano and belting out Aretha Franklin songs in Franklin, Tennessee.

“I found my way back to country when I moved here. Country is where my heart is. I thought she was much better than the band I moved here with, and prettier too. She had her own thing going on, but we started writing together, and I played with her when she’d perform her stuff. We decided to join forces and make it an official thing.”

The pair began a co-writing journey together.

“We were writing for other people, but we weren’t sure that some of these songs would have a home outside of us doing something with them. We wanted to do something different in the country world. We formed Neon Moon after doing a project called Our52Songs, where we wrote a song a week for a year and documented our progress on YouTube. After we finished Our52Songs we picked 5 songs that really spoke to us and recorded them. After recording those songs we wrote one more called “If We’re Being Honest,” which is a brutally honest song about where we’re at in our lives. That being the 6th song of our album and the 53rd song of our finished project we named our album 6:53.”

The duo recently released “If I Knew” from their upcoming record (due out in June). Neon Moon describes their sound as “Twangy Americana” or “Throwback Country.”

3 A.M. I roll over to hold you

But all I feel is just your empty pillow

And it ain’t the first time this week

You roll in nearly 4:30

Smelling like cigarettes and whiskey

Stumble to the fridge for another drink

I’ll get a sorry in the morning


*If I knew what was good for me

I’d just make you leave

Pack your bags and leave them by the door

I’d never let you speak

Talk your way back to me

If I knew what was good for me


Here comes the speech by now I’ve got it memorized

You’ll say ‘I’ll change right now, at least I’m gonna try

This time it’s different, I swear’

I’ll turn my back and say ‘Get out of here’

You’ll get down on your knees and squeeze out a tear

Anything to pull me back in 


The way you’re gonna quit the bottle

I’m gonna quit you tomorrow

You’re the habit I just can’t break

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