#CMchat #FantasyFootball Hoedown (Week 6)

Welcome to Week 6 of The Hoedown…now with 20% more shtick.

Know When To Hold ‘Em, Know When To Trade ‘Em

One of the most frustrating aspects of fantasy football (and all fantasy sports) is when your can’t-miss, first-round pick, is playing about as well as a compact disc on a turntable. As I’ve previously preached, the first few weeks you just have to remain patient and let them get back into the swing of things, or in some cases get healthy. Jamaal Charles and Eddy Lacy are two examples of players with high expectations who just didn’t do too much the first few weeks of the season and now appear to have righted the ship. Then there are guys like LeSean McCoy or Larry Fitzgerald who have both been about as miserable as an old school country fan talking about “today’s country music.” Almost.

Anyway, you can’t flat out drop these underachievers and get nothing back in return. You have to make a trade. But just know that you’re not going to get equal value for that draft day stud. Of course the more experienced fantasy owners are already plotting ways to steal a guy like McCoy from a frustrated owner. I’m sure they’re drooling more than Trace Adkins did making the “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” video when thinking about McCoy’s potential. Don’t get taken advantage of though. McCoy (and other underachievers) can easily turn it around and return to stud status. Make sure you get a solid starting player in return that you can use every week. Maybe you already have a decent back-up running back, but could use a better quarterback or wide receiver. Be flexible and be ready for counter deals. In the end, make the move that gives your team the best chance at making the playoffs.

Bye, Bye, Bye

Once again, there are only two teams with a bye this week, but they are two teams with some serious fantasy punch. Hopefully all of you Drew Brees and Alex Smith owners already have a capable back-up quarterback, because if your league is anything like the ones I’m in, there’s not a lot out there available on the waiver wire beyond the Geno Smiths and Blake Bortles of this world. An intriguing option, IF he plays this week is Jake Locker, who is widely available in Yahoo! leagues. I’m also seeing a head-scratching trend of vets like Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger showing up on waiver wires. Scoop one of them up (even if you don’t have a bye issue). Sure, Brady and Big Ben aren’t the fantasy Gods that they used to be, but they can still put up decent numbers on a regular basis. Other players who get to go to the day spa this Sunday include Jamaal Charles (sigh), Travis Kelce, Dwayne Bowe, Khiry Robinson, Pierre Thomas, Jimmy Graham, Brandin Cooks, Marques Colston, and Shayne Graham.

Injury Bug Bites…Again

As if bye weeks weren’t more annoying than the drunk girls singing “Friends in Low Places” in a karaoke bar, injuries continue to pile up and cause even scarier nightmares for fantasy owners. Rashaad Jennings, Montee Ball and A.J. Green are likely out for a few weeks. Donald Brown is likely out this week. As is Calvin Johnson. When Jennings returns, he’ll get his starting job back, but Andre Williams is a must-start player if you can still pick him up. Brown’s status as the No. 1 back in San Diego is kind of shaky, especially if back-up Branden Oliver plays as well as he did last week. If he’s still on your waiver wire, it might be a good idea pick him up and hope he takes over the starting job for the rest of the season.

Who’s in First?

After Week 5, there are EIGHT teams (out of 10) tied for first place with a 3-2 record in my main league. That’s 20 times crazier than any Blake Shelton tour. At least three of those teams will fall this week as there are three 3-2 vs. 3-2 matchups. I’ve never seen anything like this before in fantasy football. Usually one or two teams lead the pack and the others scrap their way into playoff contention. As it stands right now, even the bottom two teams with the 0-5 and 1-4 records can fight their way into the playoff picture. This is why it’s important to not give up. Anything can happen. My Takin’ Bills started out 0-2 and I’ve now pulled off three straight wins. I’ll have a tough one this week as I take on another 3-2 team. Oh, and my top running back Jamaal Charles is on a bye week and it looks as if my second best wide receiver A.J. Green is out for a couple weeks. Andre Williams will get the start in the backfield and Michael Floyd will fill in for Green. As it stands right now I’m a slight underdog, but I feel good about my chances.

That’s all folks. Good luck in Week 6 and as always, I’m here to help you win (unless you’re in my league) so hit me up with any questions @sneezeguard.

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