Country Music #CMchat #FantasyFootball Hoedown (Week 16)

gThere are many internal struggles for fantasy football owners during this time of the year.

It’s Championship Week. At this point there’s not much advice to give.

Some fantasy advice columnist you are.

The thing is if you’re in the championship, you’ve clearly done something right.

Yeah, and occasionally you provided some actual insight. Hooray for you smart guy. Now quit it with the clichés and actually say something to help me win or at least say something “funny.”

If you want to win big this week, and I’m talking bigger than Kimberly Schlapman’s hair*, you have to be prepared for anything going into the championship.

Ahh, there ya go sport. Now make with some information and I’ll shut up.

Be A Greedy Boy Scout

A lot of teams are banged up after 16 weeks. A lot of big name players are listed as questionable this week. As usual the speculation train moves at a rapid pace, but it ultimately goes nowhere until an hour before game time. Be prepared to make your moves now…and be ruthless. You have to beat your opponent to the punch because he or she may be coming after you faster than a drunk chick to a mechanical bull at a country bar.

If you’re playing for a championship chances are you have players like Julio Jones and DeMarco Murray. These two are Garth Brooksian tour de forces for fantasy football owners. But unlike Brooks who simply took time off, we just don’t know whether or not Jones and Murray (or insert your player who’s listed as Questionable) will play until game day due to their injuries.

It’s important to locate and establish quality B and C plans as soon as possible. I made a number of moves in my leagues on Wednesday to ensure that if my Questionable players can’t go this week, I have someone that I’d be confident to back them up should the need arise. I’m still surprised at this point in the season when I see receivers like Kenny Stills, Steve Smith Sr. and Jarvis Landry, or running backs like Daniel Herron, Fred Jackson, Andre Williams are available. Listen, they are not going to take the sting away from losing Jones, but if you wait, they too could be swooped up come game day by a smart opponent. That’s something I’d certainly do.

To win this time of year, you have to be assassin-like. I ended up dropping players that I had on my rosters that I know will be out this week (no point in saving them as it’s the last week) and picked up many of the aforementioned players even if I didn’t need them. Why? It’s a great defensive move. You never know when one of your opponent’s players blows out a knee in practice or his concussion symptoms haven’t cleared up. You have to strike fast. Follow your opponent’s team almost more than your own. Do not feel guilty about this tactic. It’s all about winning. This is nothing to struggle with internally.

Now whether to start Kyle Orton or Andy Dalton over the recently benched Jay Cutler, that’s a whole other internal struggle story that someone (me) will have to figure out on Sunday (clearly that team is not playing for a championship.

* Please note: I think Kimberly Schalpman and her hair are adorable.

Takin’ Bills to some Championships

As I’ve previously mentioned I have eight fantasy football teams. Only one of them is in a league for any prize other than pride in a job well done and that team (Takin’ Bills) performed about as well as a Kip Moore’s “Dirt Road” did on the charts. Actually my Takin’ Bills team was a lot like “Dirt Road.” Everyone had great things to say about the group I assembled (much like the fan and critical response to “Dirt Road,”) but somehow, inexplicably, didn’t have much success. Anyway, last week I lost in the consolation bracket so I’ll be battling Farce The Music this week in the least essential fantasy football match-up (playing for the 7th spot in the league).

Of my five playoff teams (yes, I actually can do well), I’ll be playing for four championships this weekend. This includes my “Little Engine That Could Team” that has now rolled off NINE straight wins after starting 0-6.

That’s it for this week. I’ll be back with a brief Hoedown next week to wrap everything up and dole out some advice for those Week 17 championship leagues. Questions, comments, praise and derision can be sent via Twitter @sneezeguard. Good luck!


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