Executive Editor’s Note: #CMchattys Final Round

YAY….voting is over!

I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to express such excitement about this, but voting is over! As you all probably know by now, the #CMchattys brought in over ONE MILLION VOTES in the final round. That is a lot of votes to analyze, even for the machine that is the #CMchat Country Cadre!

Before I get this underway, I need to thank you all from the bottom of my heart (and on behalf of the rest of the Cadre) for your participation, support, and eagerness for our first annual #CMchattys Awards. We knew that Jessica Northey’s idea was nothing short of brilliant as soon as she started telling us “now is the time!” to develop this baby of hers, but never did we anticipate the response we received…or the intensity that came with the territory! And let me tell you, there was some serious intensity! I am so proud to be part of the Country Music World and have you all part of our Country Music Chat family!

A really interesting thing we found throughout the entire process, and was especially noticeable in this final round of voting, was that the #MustFollowFemale category was the most popular. We found this intriguing particularly because it proved to us that female country artists’ fans are wholeheartedly supportive of their favorites, while certain parts of the Country Music Industry seem to be several steps behind. If fans are spending weeks voting to make sure certain female artists excel and shine bright in the #CMchattys, it leads us to believe these fans are also working hard toward making sure their favorites are being requested on radio stations. It is our hope that radio will start to hear the fans as loudly and clearly as we have during this process because, if they did, we would surely experience a lot more equality over the airwaves.

Also, while I pointed this out in a previous post, I need to repeat this for the sake of those naysayers who attempted to engage in a battle royale with me on Twitter about this very observation. The artists with the smaller quantifiable fan bases seemed to have the louder voices in most categories. You can shake your heads and fists at me for saying this, but it’s true. Do this math: If an artist has 100 followers and 99 of them vote, that person will win over the artist with 1,000 followers and 98 votes. The latter has ten times the number of followers, but less votes. This happens, folks…believe it or not. Perhaps you will see what we mean when all of the winners are finally announced!

With all that being said, I leave you with this one final expression of endless gratitude for making the first #CMchattys a resounding success. You have provided us with the tools to make next year’s awards even more amazing, and we cannot wait to share in this excitement with all of you again. Sit tight! We are announcing the winners slowly, but surely. Now that your fun and our hard work is over, it’s our turn to have a little bit of a good time!

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our #CMchattys Awards winners! We will be in contact with you soon!

On a quick side note, we announced #CMchattys Must Follow One to Watch on Tuesday (Krystal Keith).  We planned to do a couple each day throughout the week, but due to some complications for Jessica with her “fur daughter,” Sissy, we are going to announce the remainder of the winners from Nashville next week.

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