#CMchattys: Important Announcements

We hear you, voters. We hear you loud and clear. And we love you dearly and couldn’t appreciate your tenacity, support, and enthusiasm for the #CMchattys and your #MustFollow Favorites any more than we do. Country music truly has the best fans in the world!

I will start this post/explanation by boldly stating the following: No system is flawless. More so, no system is flawless in an inaugural year. We have constantly told ourselves and each other that we are learning as we go, employing a baptism by fire approach, and hoping that we at least do 70% of what we are doing correctly. That’s a passing grade, right?! Okay, I just made that last part up, but it passes muster, doesn’t it? I can confidently say that our first #CMchattys has gone pretty smoothly and we are extremely proud of this eventual monster created by our very own Jessica Northey.

We know that some of you are recognizing an influx of votes and/or abnormal percentage shifts while entering your votes. Please note that we are very much aware of any irregularities in the voting and are monitoring it closely. Remember, what you see is not always what you get, and we can promise you that your #MustFollow Favorites are in very capable, caring, and coddling hands. We are doing our best to maintain this contest’s integrity every step of the way.

For those of you who are receiving messages about being unable to continue voting, please be advised that the system only lets you vote a certain amount of times before it construes your votes as a “spam-like/bot” substance. There is a limit on IP addresses, as well as what we can best describe as a “cookie counter.” We know that there are some computer whizzes out there who have found ways to install cookie blockers (can I get a cookie blocker in my life when I’m dieting?) and work around the system. Unfortunately, we are not able to prevent this “gaming” of the system and police what people are doing.


At this point, be prepared for a slight change in the #CMchattys voting – at least how it will appear to you. Starting today, we are removing the percentages and you will be unable to see where your #MustFollow Favorites rank in their respective categories. We know you are hemming and hawing at us right now, but we want to make sure the winners and the voters don’t miss out on the exciting element of surprise! It wouldn’t be fun to know before the big announcement, would it? Keep on voting because all of your votes are still going to be counted and to the victor goes the spoils, and just wait until you see our cool awards. And, of course, we will reveal the final percentages at the end, once the winners are announced.

Again, we thank you all for your support and patience during this process. It has been quite a ride and you all are making this far more exciting than we ever could have anticipated. The number of nominations and votes we have received since the day we kicked off the #CMchattys is astronomical and more than we ever dreamed!

Alright, what are you doing still reading this?! You have votes to submit! Remember, voting at CMchattys.com ends on Monday, May 27th, at 9pm PT/12am ET.

Keep voting friends! http://www.cmchatlive.com/vote-cmchattys/


Jen Swirsky
CMchatLIVE.com Executive Editor

Author: Country Cadre

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  1. Thank you for letting us know. All of the LoCash fans were wondering about those strange fluctuations! Hopefully if someone is cheating the system you find a way to disqualify those votes. I know our Army has been working hard! We appreciate the Jessica and this contest – it's been fun and challenging at the same time. 🙂

  2. I love this idea of not showing the percentage of how many votes have been cast for who. I like to be surprised about who wins. Thanks for the update and letting us all know what's up 🙂

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