Executive Editor’s Note: #CMchattys Round 2 Results

Almost 32,000 tweets have gotten us to this point. Almost 32,000. We knew the #CMchattys were a great idea, but never did we imagine the response we have received. We are so incredibly grateful to the fans, the followers, the artists, the industry pros, and everyone else who has participated and supported us as we continue to foster this newborn project that we foresee becoming a well-groomed force of nature in the years to come.

Round 2 was quite intriguing from an insider’s perspective. What appeared to be a clear cut contest (for the most part) as of Thursday night became a race for the finish on Friday. In a shocking conclusion, we watched certain contenders go from last place to edging others out of the Top 5, all because fans saw our sneak peek at the potential finalists and called to action their troops. In fact, until the last minute, we watched certain fan bases fight for the #MustFollows they love to ensure spots in the final round — and those fans’ fights were well worth their while.

During Round 2, we also noticed the way certain fan bases banded together and came out in droves to support #MustFollows. Most notably, and this is something we have been speaking about for days, is that the #MustFollows with the larger fan bases aren’t always the #MustFollows with the most active fan bases. In fact, we have seen smaller fan bases create united fronts and blow away those who appear to be larger groups. Something we stress at #CMchat is the importance of quality over quantity, and we can safely say that a fan base rich in quality can exorbitantly supersede one that trumps in quantity. That being said, those fan bases who support #MustFollows that may not have hundreds of thousands (or millions) of followers, do not become discouraged. Chances are you annihilated the competition and you are just unaware of the details. The most important moral of this story: keep it up! Your #MustFollows will win if you fight the good fight like you have in the first two rounds!

Another interesting point, which is something we have discussed for a very long time, is that the artists who have fan bases who have previously voted in large, interactive competitions (i.e. reality show competitions) still are the artists who have fan bases who vote incessantly. It’s such a beautiful thing to see the fans forming an emotional attachment to certain artists and holding on to that attachment, even as the artists grow in the industry apart from the platform from which they received their country music start. There is something incredibly special about these fan bases and the connection they have to the artists, and we know we will continue to see such a strong support system from these fans in the final round of voting.

We are looking forward to kicking off the final round of voting on Tuesday. Voting will last exactly seven days, ending on Monday, and will take place solely on CMchattys.com. In case you missed Jessica Northey’s announcement of those #MustFollows who advanced to Round 3, the final round of the contest, you can take a look at the remaining contenders here.

Again, thank you for your support for our inaugural CMchatty Awards. We are learning so much as we go, are taking notes, are hearing all of your comments, and are already hard at work making sure that next year’s #CMchattys are even more unforgettable than this year!

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