CMT Crossroads: @KaceyMusgraves and @KatyPerry (Video)

This weekend, the much anticipated CMT Crossroads event starring Kacey Musgraves and Katy Perry finally aired, and the wait was well worth our while. Not only are these two artists (who look like flawless porcelain dolls) incredibly talented vocalists, but they both have a lot to say — Kacey in the form of songwriting and Katy as a comedian. Granted, Kacey is more demure and Katy is rather outspoken and humorous, but the two are an absolute perfect fit, both on stage and during interviews.

The show kicked off with Kacey singing the opening verse of Katy’s “Teenage Dream,” and if there is a first impression to be had by this performance, it is that Kacey is commendably versatile and is fully capable of steering away from her stripped down sound to conquer something more pop-based and electric. Enter Katy and it’s a wonder these two didn’t join forces sooner, as they complement each other seamlessly. Perhaps the best indicators of the ladies’ abilities to perform as a team, “Merry Go Round” and Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me” were undeniable highlights of the show. Other highlights included “Firework,” “Follow Your Arrow,” and “Roar” (a video of which is embedded below).

The eight performances were not the only moments worth noting during this one-hour special. There were many moments, both on stage and during behind-the-scenes segments, that made this show one for the books. Katy shared that she is particularly drawn to Kacey as an artist because she enjoys working with those who have something to say, which was a compliment to Kacey’s songwriting prowess. Katy also complimented Kacey’s attitude toward fame and explained that she wants to be friends with her because she doesn’t “seem like [she’d] be affected by the hype.” Kacey returned the flattery when she told Katy how amazed she is by her vocal range, to which Katy responded “I just squeeze my butt in and go!” We also learned that Kacey originally intended to give her controversial song “Follow Your Arrow” to Katy, but Katy insisted that Kacey keep it for herself because she anticipated it would be huge for her. Katy obviously has a knack for musical predictions!

You can certainly say that each of these artists has a distinguished stage presence from her counterpart, however, the two personalities lend credence to the purpose of CMT Crossroads by allowing viewers to recognize vast differences in the performers, while proving that two genres can come together to create something beautiful. As Kacey and Katy pointed out during their interview segments, the collaboration of the two can uniquely be defined as “Hollywood meets Nashville” or “Acid Western.” Call it what you will … I’m buying whatever these ladies are jointly selling!

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