[email protected] Begs to #LetMeSeeYaGirl with New Single (Listen!)

So far in his young, yet successful, career, Cole Swindell has chilled it, hoped for the woman he was lusting after to get lonely, and cheers’ed to everything but the girl who broke his heart. Now, he has recovered from the pain and moved past the booty call, finding the confidence to reel a certain lady in face-to-face.

Cole’s new single, “Let Me See Ya Girl,” certainly doesn’t show off his romantic side, but rather solidifies the fact that perhaps he just isn’t quite a commitment type of man at this stage in his life. The song is a mid-tempo track with a more explosive chorus that begs a female party-goer to show Cole a good time in private. The suggestive hook goes:

Girl you’re tearin’ that dance floor up, let me see you do it in the bed of my truck, you sure know how to shake it alright, let me see you do it in the Tennessee moonlight. Whoa, baby let’s go down a little road nobody else knows, just me and you parked on the edge of the world; that’s how I wanna see you girl.

It is highly likely that critics and country fans alike will classify Cole’s newest release as another “bro country” tune, and they won’t be far off in that categorization. However, when the formula works, why stray from it? With Cole’s first three singles, he saw the top of the charts consecutively — what’s the use in deviating from his reliable roadmap until he is thrown off course?

Listen to Cole Swindell’s “Let Me See Ya Girl” below and let us know what you think of his latest single by tweeting us @CMchatLIVE.

Watch Cole Swindell perform “Let Me See Ya Girl”

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