Colt Ford Says “Thanks for Listening” and You’ll Say Thanks Right Back! #Review

So here goes my second album review ever. If it isn’t obvious, I am a lover of all things Hick Hop Country Rap Rock. I think it has to do with my impressionable years when I was discovering music. I grew up smack dab in the middle of ALL THINGS COUNTRY…Racing, Blue Collar, Mud and Dirt Roads in Tucson, Arizona…the only stuff we listened to at home were Marty Robbins, Kenny Rogers, Merle Haggard, Dolly Parton, Hank Williams, Willie Nelson, Loretta Lynn, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Glen Campbell, Conway Twitty, Oak Ridge Boys, Charlie Daniels, et al.

I was exactly Country, back when Country wasn’t cool.  

However in high school/college….I got my groove on to Madonna, Metallica, Scorpions, Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Judas Priest, Beastie Boys, The Cure, Too Short, Run DMC, LL Cool J, Kool Moe Dee, MC Hammer; but know this, at my home was ONLY stuff like Keith Whitley, Alabama, George Jones, Travis Tritt, Clint Black, Alan Jackson, Randy Travis, Garth Brooks and everything I mentioned above. So my point is you don’t have to pick…you can like all kinds of music…..and there are many flavors of Country to consume…yep yep we are just like Baskin Robbins with Y’allternative Country…. Red Dirt, Blue Grass, Texas, Nashville Sound, Hick Hop, EDM Country, Western, Bluntry, Southern Fried Rock, Gospel, Folk, Americana.

I tell you, everything I know about Country and all my “expertness” are only about who I am….I honestly can’t judge anything that has to do with music, because music is what feelings sound like and Colt Ford’s new album Thanks For Listening is about respect of the people who have crossed his path on his journey of life. Colt’s new album is a star-studded musical adventure of a lifetime and the very best of Colt Ford. Thanks for Listening is a tribute to fans with some of the BIGGEST NAMES in Country Music joining him for the anthem of amazing hit making songs. I find it hard to pick a favorite, there is just so much good stuff on this album.  SERIOUSLY…take a look at the track listing:

1.     “Thanks For Listening” featuring Daniel Lee
2.     “She’s Like” featuring Keith Urban
3.     “Cut ‘Em All” featuring Willie Robertson
4.     “The High Life” featuring Chase Rice
5.     “Dirty Side” featuring  Walker Hayes
6.     “Sip It Slow” featuring Lee Brice
7.     “Workin’ On”
8.     “Crank It Up”
9.     “Farm Life” featuring Justin Moore
10.  “Outshine Me”
11.  “Crickets” featuring Jerrod Niemann
12.  “Washed In The Mud” featuring  Randy Houser

Got your attention? Good. Packed with upbeat, well-produced excitement, it is a MUST HAVE. There are so many ear worms on this album that I don’t even know where to start. I am absolutely smitten by Daniel Lee. What a fun discovery on the first and title track “Thanks for Listening.” It’s a fun uptempo that you will be singing along with just a few seconds in.

the fans make us who we are and  you are the music!

AND then there is Keith Urban with Colt on “She’s Like” with his melodic voice that always puts me a trance-like state. *sigh* I always feel like he is singing just for me. Tee-her.

“Cut ‘Em All” featuring Willie Robertson is one of the funnest songs on the CD.  The line “if it flies it dies” cracks me up. Willie adds an endearing style of authenticity, and who knew that boy could rap? This will definitely be a fan favorite.

Not to mention my guy Chase Rice…honestly Colt you are enough man for me but bringing in Country Music hunks like Chase, Lee, Jerrod, Keith, Randy, Justin, Walker, Daniel to the party. Be. Still. My. Heart.  Chase can saaang. I really love his voice and think that “The High Life” is one of the songs that I just hear myself singing all the time.

I love the song “Dirty Side” it’s very clever and was really happy to learn about Walker Hayes. I’d heard his name before but love his harmony on this. And this song it’s not what you think. Colt actually wants to get “dirty” with you….like mud, 4-wheeling, tailgating, boating, can check out the video below.

Then *sigh* this amazing song “Sip it Slow”, one of my favorites *and Colt’s* that he wrote for his son about living life, cherishing each minute, and not taking it for granted by rushing through times that you’ll regret not truly experiencing. I think Lee Brice who known for his ability to emote in songs, was the perfect pairing. You can sense in his voice during the chorus, the portion of the song when the tempo drops and it borders the line of a ballad, how much he believes the words he is singing about living life to its fullest.

“Farm Life,” just reiterates why I’ve loved Justin Moore for so many years…he is so much fun with Colt in this up tempo that talks about the Farm Life with some awesome parts where they voice overlap eachother for a unique sound that will have your toes tapping and hands clapping.

“Crickets” about love and being all alone with nothing but crickets and the chorus is upbeat and fun with some big Country love from the power voice and traditional country sound of Jerrod Niemann.  

In my opinion Randy Houser is one of the greatest voices in Country Music History and the “Washed In The Mud” was a perfect fit for his voice. Can I get an Amen? uh-huh and I wanna get washed in the mud stat. This song is so sexy and just a fun uptempo ballad about baptizing your trucks in the mud. 

“Workin On”, “Crank It Up” and “Outshine Me” feature Colt Ford only and show what a great vocalist he is with so much control over his sound and tempo, that balances out all three songs perfectly. For anyone who is just discovering Colt and thought he was just a Country rapper, this will highlight the singing side of him.  To me, “Workin’ On” is about life in progress and just a good ole boy trying to make himself a better person balanced by the party song “Crank It Up” that has my favorite line on the whole album “crank it up, put some of that party in my cup.” Rounding it out is a dis song (You Can’t) “Outshine Me”, I didn’t know what this until someone told me, but now I get this style, and I love the line “Y’all keep chasing a Thoroughbred, y’all done got lapped out miles ahead, won’t never slowdown I am runaway train…tweeters, bloggers, bashers I run right past ya.” And that is all…my new theme song.

I think what you can say as a general whole is that having the different styles in the genre come together creates distinct layers and adds complexity to each track that hasn’t been heard before … And that’s because Colt enlisted the help of so many of his vocalist friends, he is channeling other audiences and creating a larger wingspan for himself.

The worst thing about this album will be trying to pick which song is your favorite. It is literally like going on to a buffet and getting to pick from some of the hottest names in Country Music and the most clever lyrics. It is Colt Ford’s way of saying THANKS FOR LISTENING to you!

Enjoy…and let me know what you think! Also check out the video for Dirty Side that just realized last week!

colt ford thanks for listening

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