Concert Review: Kristian Bush & Friends with Chris Young and Brett James

Every year Kristian Bush slows down and kicks off the holidays with a post-Thanksgiving concert called “Kristian and Friends”. I must admit that I came because I recently spent a couple hours with Kristian and loved him more each second. I thought this will be another cool concert, Ive heard it all right?  I was gravely wrong. Kristian Bush and friends (Chris Young and Brett James) was single handedly the most simplistically powerful show I have ever seen.

Kristian bush eddie's attic

Eddies Attic, a small quaint venue, in the heart of Decatur, GA was the perfect host for this event. The acoustics were as rich as the people friendly. It was intimate enough to make you feel like you hired these musicians to play in your living room.

Kristian Bush is magnetic. Just about everything he says is poetic and quotable which comes through in his writing. Sunday, he opened the show with his new single “Love or Money”. He moved on to sing all the requests including “Flip flops”, “Headphones” and even threw in a couple of funny parodies. His children attended the first show and he sang a christmas song that the 3 of them wrote together. It was a special moment and he joked with them “now you know what its like for someone to sing your song”. Kristian awkwardly serenaded Young with “Want To” which led Chris to chime in “I don’t want to”, a moment that had the entire room laughing. Kristian ended the second show with a moving rendition of “Southern Gravity”.

Chris Young

Chris Young was flawless. Backed up by his amazing guitarist Kevin Collier, he ran through so many favorite songs from his gold single “Aw Naw” to his number one hit “Tomorrow” and everything in between. He sang “I Can Take it From There” which he described as a 47 second pick up line. He told the story of “Voices” which was the only song to take more than a day to write and barely made the cut. The audience sat in awe when Chris belted out a soulful rendition of “New Kid in Town”. He was engaging from the minute he stepped on stage. He told us, “I am amazed I can do what I love and people still show up. I don’t know why they come but I am so blessed.”

Brett james

Brett James was a surprise for me. I knew he was a songwriter and a vital member of Music City Hitmakers, but I had no idea what I was in for.  He wrote so many chart topping songs that its impossible to list them all. Every one he sang was a major hit….songs like “I Hold On”, “Jesus Take the Wheel”, and “Out Last Night”. He said he cuts so many songs for girls that its embarrassing to sing them back which led to a Kings of Leon rendition of “Cowboy Casanova”. Brett said when people sing your words back to you its a gift from God…when someone like Chris Young cuts your song its a true honor”. Talent simply pours out of this guy.

Through their music, Kristian, Chris and Brett let us into their lives. We laughed, we were touched, and we reflected. In between shows I talked to a 15 year old girl who was so inspired that she was writing lyrics in a journal. The brilliant storytelling and genuine musical abilities of these 3 guys moved her to want more for her own life. This to me, is what the holiday season is all about.

MORE info and pictures on Kristians website.

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