Concert Review: LoCash in Annapolis, MD

When attending a concert at the dinner theatre-style, under 300-seat, Ram’s Head On Stage in Annapolis, MD, concert-goers are respectfully asked to adhere to three simple rules. 1) No flash photography (sometimes no photography at all). 2) No talking during a performance (if you must, keep it to a whisper and make it brief). 3) Butts stay in the seats during the show (unless you are leaving to go home or to the restroom).

Since it’s an intimate space, these rules are easy to enforce and “issues” are discreetly taken care of with both sides often left blushing. It’s a great venue for well-behaved fans to see well-behaved acts. So what happens when the LoCash Cowboys come to town?


The boys hit the stage with a raucous version of “C.O.U.N.T.R.Y.” and didn’t look back. The party was on as vocalist Preston Brust bounced on stage, climbed onto tables (mine, being right in front of his mic-stand was an easy target), and ventured a number of times into the crowd. All the while, guitarist and vocalist Chris Lucas kept the party going on the stage. The boys playfully interacted with members of the crowd, many of whom were old friends and family as it was a homecoming for the duo (Chris is from nearby Baltimore).

A particularly hilarious familial moment came when the band broke into a crazy fun medley of covers ranging from Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me” to “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men. Much to Chris’ chagrin, Preston egged the band into adding Cee Lo Green’s F-You to the mix. When the song ended Chris admitted to not wanting to do that particular one because his grandma was in the crowd.

The mood wasn’t always set to party as they treated the crowd to a touching version of “Best Seat in the House,” which Chris dedicated to his father.

The band also got a chance to play some hits that they wrote for other artists. While introducing their first No. 1 song, Keith Urban’s “You Gonna Fly,” Chris proudly stated that the song “changed our lives.” Five songs later, the band broke out their second No. 1, Tim McGraw’s “Truck Yeah.” It was right about this point when all hell broke loose as Preston declared, “When we wrote this song we wanted you to sing along with us.” At that point the duo urged everyone to stand up, dance and have a good old time. And we did!

(Note: I’ve seen bands try this tactic before and get shot down by the club within seconds. I immediately looked at the staff as soon and saw no one freaking out, or attempting to quell the “debauchery” that was certain to take place. Later, a staff-member jokingly told me that they had a pretty good feeling something like that was going to happen and there was no point in stopping it).

 The night took an insane turn when the band broke into shambolic start-and-stop-to-chat-with-the-crowd version of Garth Brooks’ Friends in Low Places. Chris led the song. Preston led the crazy.

 Preston started out the song by standing on one of the two empty chairs at my table of four (why buy front row tickets and not go?). He then moved onto another table where he found a pretty woman and proceeded to sit on her lap for a bit. Later, he wandered over to another table that he dubbed “the love booth” and entertained two other lovely ladies who he later described as “two of my future ex-wives.” But no, he didn’t stop there. He asked if anyone knew the real third verse. A woman raised her hand and he escorted her to the stage saying something like “if you mess this up this crowd is going to boo you.” Naturally, she flubbed it. No one booed. Everyone just hollered and sang along with them.

 The LoCash Cowboys closed out the unforgettable night with a rousing version of Bounce. The crowd once again took to their feet to dance and sing along together. It was a perfect ending to one of the wildest nights The Ram’s Head on Stage has ever seen.

Don’t forget that the LoCash Cowboys we’er nominated for a #CMChattys Award! 

LoCash Cowboys

Author: Scott Colvin

Scott has 20+ years experience as a writer/editor and is #CMchat's Executive Editor. He's a rabid music fan and a sports junkie. If there's a cat in the room, he'll pet it. If there's a beer in the room, he'll drink it.

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  1. This is why we all live the LoCash Cowboys. You always walk away from their shows with a huge smile on your face. Great guys, great entertainers. Always play to whatever crowd they happen to get and have them on their feet!

  2. Perfect! & this show was awesome. Great time had by all. Can't wait til the next one!

  3. Great article! I absolutely had a blast! If you've never been to a show you definitely should go and if you have then you've never been disappointed! Great music, song writers and superb entertainers!! Lovin' The LoCash Cowboys!!

  4. It was an amazing show. my boufriends mom from Glen Burnie andmy mom and aunt drive 170 from NJ to join us for their first show, and they LOVED it. Cant wait to see them again in June!

  5. I agree that lady had to tell me to sit down like 5 times lol and I'm sure everytime she was thinking how many times is this guy gonna get up and and jam out yelling and screaming (Truck) Yeah lol but it was always gonna be one more so she eventually just let me stand

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