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We had an great time on #CMChat with Corey Smith when he joined us for a Twitterview! He certainly is honest and is an impressive tweeter for being at the 50yd line at an Football Game! Corey found plenty of time to talk with us and his fans, about what he likes to do in his spare time, his family and what songs he is jamming out to right now! Check out the rest of our chat with Corey Smith right here

Q1 Describe who you are & what you do in 140 characters?

A1 Husband, father of 2, Jefferson native, UGA alum, lucky son-of-a-gun who writes & performs songs for a living

Q2 If you were introducing someone to country music, who would you play for them? via @EmilyAnnWells

A2 Willie Nelson, DAC, Dolly Parton, Ricky Skaggs, Dwight Yoakam, Travis Tritt, Alan Jackson, Alison Krauss, Dixie Chicks

Q3 What’s the last thing you do before going on stage? via @tierabolt

A3 Make sure my fly is closed and nothing is hanging out of my nose. Maybe not the coolest answer but 100% true.

Q4 What was the best part of working with Keith Stegall, @ZacBrownBand’s producer? @shootinthedirt

A4 Keith & his team gave me confidence – allowed me to focus on performance rather than production. A welcome change for me

Q5 What do you do in your spare time to #TaketheEdgeOff? via @shootinthedirt

A5 I love simply hanging with my family – grilling out, watching the kids play sports, & BASS FISHING every chance I get. When I’m on the road that’s what I miss the most – being with my family. I’m usually homesick until I get on stage.

Q6 read that used to teach Geography? What grade? And where is your favorite place to visit?

A6 I taught Social Studies at North Gwinnett High in Suwanee, GA for 4 years. Mostly world history, some geo, some philospohy. NYC never ceases to amaze me. Love the food, the diversity, the hustle & bustle. It’s like another world from Jefferson.

Q7 What’s your all time favorite country album? @brittwv

A7 Alison Krauss & Union Station Live (2002) Never gets old, always gives me something to aspire to as a performer

Q8 if someone had never heard your music, explain your sound in 4 words?

A8 homemade, without artificial ingredients

Q9 What skills/personal attributes are most important to being successful in the music industry?

A9 Courage. You risk falling on your face in front of everyone, being laughed at, being told you’re not good enough, etc. Also, you need to be able to deal with disappointment constructively. Learn from each setback. Get back up stronger.

Q10 Is there anything we haven’t asked you about that you think fans should know?

A10 Wanna know who gave me my “big break”? Nobody. Never got one. Just a whole bunch of small breaks.Every chance to connect with a new listener is a small break. Every show, every download, every stream. Over time, all those “small breaks” led to something bigger than I ever thought possible. Independence. Getting to make a living, making my music, my way is a blessing I owe entirely to the small breaks given me by fans… And I’m grateful for each and every one.

What is the best way for people keep up with you? Also my new album #WhileTheGettinisGood is out. You can get it here #CMchat

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