Album Review: Corey Smith ‘While the Gettin’ Is Good’

It’s symbolic of sorts that there is a song on the latest album from Corey Smith titled “Takin’ The Edge Off.” As someone who has developed quite a following over the past 12 years since he released Undertones, Smith has always had much an edge to his sound – which has helped to make him a favorite on record as well as on stage.

For this, his debut project for Sugar Hill, there’s somewhat of a definite shift in his sound. It’s a little more laid back and acoustic in places, particularly with the opening “Don’t Mind.” It’s a song that while very much traditional in sound, it could have also been very much at home on Pop radio in the 1970s given its’ light and enjoyable melody. He continues that style with the fun and flirty feel of “Ain’t Goin’ Out Tonight,” which is also a definite highlight of the disc.

There’s also a nod to tropical sounds, as he turns in great performances on “Flip Flop” and “Feet Wet” that would make Jimmy Buffett or Kenny Chesney beam with a little bit of island pride. He turns nostalgic on “Pride” and also gives a winning performance on “The Baseball Song,” which is the best song to combine sporting analogies into music since Kenny Rogers’ “The Greatest.”

But, don’t be overly alarmed, longtime fans. The edge isn’t completely gone. Smith isn’t singing about his mother or dear sweet Aunt Bernice in the humorous “My Kinda Lady,” and the closer “Drinkin’ On My Mind” would be right at home on any of his previous efforts.

Part of bring an artist is the ability to evolve, and with While The Gettin’ Is Good, Smith is able to do just that. After all, one isn’t supposed to stay the same forever, and there is an undeniable pattern of growth here that is rather becoming.

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Corey Smith

Author: Chuck Dauphin

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