Corey Smith

He isn’t new to the game, but he is a country artist you should know about. With an ever-changing sound in mainstream country music, Corey Smith has stayed close to the country sound and lyrics we’re all used to hearing and singing along to.

“Country music is all those things that art is supposed to be. It’s populist, it’s infectious and, most importantly, it’s about people,” says Corey. “So country music should be about artists holding a mirror back to themselves to reflect what they’re experiencing in their own little towns.”

Talking about real life experiences and putting it all to music gives Corey’s listeners a close look at who he is. Both of those things mixed in with the hardwork he has put in has worked out quite well for Smith as he has built a very devoted fan base on this formula. He has released seven studio albums which he has produced himself on top of a constant tour schedule on top of being a family man.

His latest single, “Ain’t Going Out Tonight” was released in 2013 receiving some national airplay on Sirius XM’s The Highway and is the single being used to introduce his upcoming album. “To me, ‘Ain’t Going Out Tonight’ is a perfect way to begin introducing the record, because it’s about making changes,” says Corey. “I’ve made a lot of changes [lately], but necessary changes so that I can still be the artist that I’ve wanted to be.”

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