Video Review: Cort Carpenter – Let Me See Your Koozie

If you’re searching for the perfect Summertime country music jam to add to your playlist, look no further! Cort Carpenter’s “Let Me See Your Koozie” oozes summertime vibes. Lyrics like “Your hands will stay warm, your drink will stay cool, ain’t no drops drippin’, collectin’ in the pool” accompany a bubbly tempo that creates the ideal poolside scene.

Carpenter penned the raw concept on his own, but it wasn’t until a co-write this past March, marrying his version with the expertise of Ryan Sorestad, when the final product of “Let Me See Your Koozie” was born.

“I want people to sing along, memorize the words, and I want it to be the song they turn on when partying, or on the jukebox at the bar,” Carpenter explains. “I just want it to be the song that gets stuck in their head, that they’re introducing to everyone they know.” Carpenter and Sorestad nailed this concept, as “Let Me See Your Koozie” is certainly a song that once heard, will stay in your head all day, begging to be shared with everyone you come in contact with.

The video is a simple concept that brings the addictive song to life. It’s shot in a backyard pool full of energetic young friends, and of course, a cooler full of koozies! “The entire shoot was fun, but really HOT! We made it fun by having the best group of volunteers. It was a blast and the cast all became good friends immediately,” Carpenter says. Grab a beer, and get your favorite koozie ready to raise up because this video is a must see! Share it with friends, and make sure to purchase it on iTunes to add to your summer playlist!

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