The Country Cadre Gets in the Mood for Love

The Country Cadre has decided that in honor of all things “love” that we’d pick our favorite love songs. Now let’s face it, love comes in many forms. It starts as a crush, moves onto being in love and hopefully staying together. But sometimes it doesn’t work out which means the dreaded break up. Maybe it’s because you weren’t meant to be or because someone was misbehaving! And it just so happens that there’s always the perfect country song to go with your love life!

So here’s our take on love from start to finish!

Happy Valentine’s Day

xo – Country Cadre (Jessica, Bethany, Scotty, Tyler, Tim & Kim)

Favorite Crush Song (Chosen by Kim)

Blake Shelton – “Doing What She Likes”

Favorite In Love Song (Chosen by Jessica)

Diamond Rio – “Beautiful Mess”

Favorite Breakup Song – Heartbroken (Chosen by Tyler)

Sugarland – “Stay” 

Favorite Breakup Song – Revenge (Chosen by Tim)

Jaron & The Long Road to Love – “Pray For You”

Favorite Song You Wish Was Written About You (Chosen by Scotty)

Sugarland – “All I Wanna Do”

Favorite Song About Lost Love (Chosen by Bethany)

Rascal Flatts – “These Days”

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