Scotty McCreery and Trisha Yearwood Respond to Seaworld Controversy

Blackfish, the gripping documentary about the treatment of killer whales in captivity, is still arguably  one of the biggest stories of the year. Filmmakers emotionally portray animal cruelty and trainer abuse all while feeding millions of dollars into the popular theme park.

Seaworld was silent for months after the movie was released but eventually the fallout was deep enough they responded point by point. The most significant being that they do not capture killer whales in the wild and the basis of the movie was based on something that happened 40 years ago in another state. They don’t separate moms with their babies and they reinvest millions back into care and research. They also make a point that they are the world leader in animal rescue.

Bands Brew and BBQ, annual 6 week festival hosted by the theme park,  incorporates some of the best BBQ, lots of beer, and concerts all free of charge with an admission to Sea World. The controversy with Blackfish certainly impacted the lineup as country music acts started to cancel just weeks before the show. Seaworld was able to fill all open spots and reports they had record attendance.

The first to speak up (with Broadway on Country 92.5) defending his position to perform was Scotty McCreery. Trisha Yearwood was next, not really taking a stance but saying she didn’t want to be in the middle of a controversy in which she didn’t have all the facts.


Trace Adkins

Willie Nelson

Martina McBride

Trisha Yearwood

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Alan Jackson

Justin Moore

Jimmy Stanley

Hank Williams Jr (March 8)

Alabama (March 9)

Scotty McCreery

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  1. I was super happy that Scotty performed at SeaWorld. He didn’t let this blackfish group bully him into not playing. He took time to research and make his own decision–smart kid

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