Country Music #CMchat #FantasyFootball Hoedown (Week 5)

Bud No.1 “Is he fleecing me dude?”

Me: “What’s the trade?”

Bud No. 1: “I give him Andrew Luck for Adrian Peterson and Sam Bradford.”

Me: “That’s probably a good deal, but then again you’re looking at the guy who has started Lamar Miller for the past four weeks.”

And that’s how my Fantasy Football Support Group Meeting started on Wednesday. Actually, it started with the bartender asking me if I wanted a shot of Fireball, but since it was 2:30 in the afternoon and I’m not a member of Florida Georgia Line, I declined and went for a Jack and Coke (like the Wade Bowen and Randy Rogers song goes, “I have standards”…then again, I was at a bar at 2:30 on Wednesday). I do like the aforementioned deal for both teams. It’s a no bench league where they need to start two quarterbacks. Bud No. 1 has Andrew Dalton and horrible running backs. Bud No. 2 was weak at quarterback and will be fine at running back without Peterson. Trades work best this way. Both teams need to make sacrifices to make their teams better.

Making tough decisions, whether it be via trade or the waiver wire, is what it’s all about. What I’ve noticed though after four weeks into this season (and it usually happens around this time every year) is that people are making incredibly irrational drops based on early results and injuries. Case in point. I was able to pick up DeAndre Hopkins on the waiver wire in one of my leagues due to an impatient owner. For free. No trade. Alshon Jeffrey is another one people are foolishly dropping because he’s been hurt lately. There’s a bunch of players underachieving or working through injuries right now, and while it makes “sense” to drop that player for a hot hand on the waiver wire, be patient. If you must make a move try to offer up a trade first. Find a team that might need Jeffrey in a couple weeks and another position player from your bench and try to get an upgrade in another position (much like my Buds did in the intro). If a deal can’t be made, then go to the waiver wire, but just know as soon as you drop that underperforming or injured stud, he’s going to go off and make another owner very happy.


There’s four teams on a Bye this week: Carolina, Miami, Minnesota and the New York Jets. Not a sexy group, but there are some folk you need to make sure are on your bench. Cam Newton, Jonathan Stewart, Greg Olsen and Ted Ginn, Jr. (Carolina); Ryan Tannehill, Jarvis Landry, Jordan Cameron and Lamar Miller (ugh, that guy) (Miami); Teddy Bridgewater and Adrian Peterson (Minnesota); Ryan Fitzpatrick (yeah, not great), Chris Ivory, Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker and their Defense (The Jets). You should hopefully have replacements for most of these guys. Personally, I had the Jets Defense in a lot of leagues, but this week I’m going with the Giants Defense who made my Bills look silly last week and should do the same against the woeful 49ers.



Well, my team is pretty much screwed. The LeSean McCoy and Andrew Luck injuries (along with byes) have blown up my team. I had to drop a few players I’ve been stashing (including the returning Martavis Bryant) to pick up the unimpressive trio of Doug Martin, Ronnie Hillman and Brian Bortles. And yes, I know I just talked about making a trade first instead of flat-out dropping a player, but I really had nothing to offer up and was unwilling to deal one of my stud receivers to get a middle of the road running back or quarterback (sometimes, it just doesn’t work out) for a two week replacement. Hopefully, Arian Foster gets more work on Thursday night as his season debut last week underwhelmed. As always, I must rely on my trio of wide receivers (Demaryius Thomas, Jeremy Maclin and Julian Edelman) and the returning TD machine Antonio Gates to get me back in the win column, even though it’s about as unlikely as Chris Stapleton winning an award at this year’s CMAs…although if both of those things happened it would be awesome.

Well, that’s it for this week. Hit me up on Twitter with any questions.

Author: Scott Colvin

Scott has 20+ years experience as a writer/editor and is #CMchat's Executive Editor. He's a rabid music fan and a sports junkie. If there's a cat in the room, he'll pet it. If there's a beer in the room, he'll drink it.

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