5 Reasons Country Music Festivals Are Good For Your Health

There are over 50 country music festivals happening year-round, all across the United States. If you have ever attended one, you already know what a great time it is, but did you know that country music festivals are also good for your health? I may not be a doctor, but, from my experience, it’s a proven fact. Here’s why.

1. Festivals Are Physical

I attended three country music festivals in 2015. Each festival was at least three days long, and my iPhone’s fitness tracker logged an average of 9 miles walked per day while at these specific fests. WOW! That’s not even including all the sweat depleted while dancing under the smoldering summer sun. Just make sure to stay hydrated.

2. The Outdoors

Some festivals are located in scenic mountainous regions, some are on the beach, while others are laid out smack dab in the downtown area of a city. Breathing the fresh air while taking in the beauty of your outdoor surroundings is healthy and necessary.

3. Country Music Makes You Happy

The endorphins released when you rock out to your favorite song are exactly what you need to kick any foul mood. How can you not be happy while singing along to country music artists performing their hit songs right in front of your face?

4. Friends Are Good For Mental And Social Health

You can go solo and make new friends, or you can round up your posse and take on the fest together. Either way, country music festivals are a healthy way to socialize and build relationships that will nurture your being.

5. Festivals Can Lower Your Stress Levels

If your 9 to 5, Monday through Friday work schedule has you stressed out, take a break. Country music festivals are designed to cater to the fan! Leave your everyday stress at the door, and enjoy a weekend of freedom while getting lost in the music.

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