#CountryMusic sure has a lot of love in the air right now…


I certainly hope you’re the mushy type because let give me you a heads up: Country music is gettin’ high on love right now. If it isn’t the steamy video that Jason Aldean has out for,Burnin It Down or Keith Urban’s recent “almost soft core porn” video forSomewhere In My Car (side note: I have enjoyed my fair share of views for both those videos so I’m not hating)  then it’s the recent engagements. Two in one week in fact. Oh and before I forget, let’s congratulate Jason Aldean and his fiancé Brittany Kerr and Tyler Hubbard and his fiancé Haley Stommel.

Okay moving on….we can’t forget the newlyweds. No, seriously we literally can’t forget them. Even if I wanted to. They saturate social media with their staged for perfection couple beach photos and profess their undying love for one another daily.  Am I starting to sound bitter? Okay….I might be. I mean…my social media consists of countless photos of food and sunsets that I enjoy alone haha.

Getting back on track though it poses the question, With all these fellas taking on a new chapter in their life will their music change to reflect that? Instead of trucks of girls in short shorts hiking up into a lifted truck, you could talk about how sexy it is when wifey puts on her overalls and hops in the mini-van?

I guess we will just have to wait and see….

Until next time…this lid is closed-CMChatter Box

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